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In this Chidi-centric episode, the foundation for the questions that have plagued our favorite ethics professor are explored. As Michael shuffles Chidi’s memories, 800 afterlives, plus the afterlives afterlives, Chidi’s former lives come into full, living color.

An 8 year-old Chidi Adigonye was just as precocious as we thought he’d be but the weight of indecision and ethical dilemmas were already on his young mind. As his parents argued, Chidi outlined multiple points as to why they should remain married.

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His search for the answers to all of life’s problems led Chidi to become the most indecisive person in the world. From his 3,800-page thesis to his relationship while he was a doctoral student, his inability to take definitive action is what led him to the Bad Place in their first afterlife iteration.

As Michael threw all of the demon techniques in his arsenal at them, Chidi’s outlook still evolved. Although still indecisive, his worldview was challenged multiple times by one Eleanor Shellstrop. No matter how many times Michael tried to separate them, the two kept finding one another, and loving the fork out of each other.

Courtesy of NBC

For their final challenge-convincing the Judge that the four humans in the experiment got better-Chidi wrote himself a note, which Janet kept in her safekeeping. As Michael fully woke him up, Chidi asked for his note. Knowing what he wrote himself, he still glanced to reiterate his true feelings: There is no one answer…but Eleanor is the answer.

As the gang presses him to assist with saving humanity and the afterlife (in 5 minutes), a newly relaxed and readied Chidi assures them: let’s get to work.

The Good Place will return in January 2020. Stream seasons 1-3 on Netflix.