It’s becoming more and more obvious that Supergirl’s move to The CW was the best thing that could have happened for the shows second season.

So much news came out this week that I feel like my head my possibly explode from excitement. I won’t lie, I was definitely nervous about the network change for my favorite show. Yes, it appears we are losing Lucy Lane and there will be a noticeable shortage in the amount Calista Flockhart will be filming. However, with all the new casting and the spoilers coming out about what’s to come, I can’t help but feel hopeful.

One of the things I’m very excited (and a little nervous, I will admit) about is the Supergirl and Flash two part musical episode that will air in the second half of the season.

Genre shows can be tricky with this type of thing, but hey Buffy pulled it off well so let’s hope for the best.

Greg Berlanti was hesitant to comment much on how exactly they are going to pull off these episodes, one of the ideas that the writers room is tossing around is that all the songs will happen in the characters minds.

With all the singing talent on both shows, its not surprising that this was an eventuality.

The other piece of news that I personally am very excited about, is a character on one of the superhero shows will ‘come out’ this year. Berlanti said that it will be a journey for the character, exploring their sexuality and coming to terms with this new part of themselves.

There is already a ton of speculation on who exactly the character in question will be. I will bet everything I own on it being Alex Danvers, sister to Supergirl. It would fit in nicely with the new character Maggie Smith this season who is an already out cop who is interested in the alien problems plaguing the country (which means she’ll probably be working with Alex a lot of this season).


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It was announced that there will be several female directors across all four DC shows this season, however the coolest news I heard was Kevin Smith will be directed two episodes of Supergirl! As a huge Clerks and Mallrats fan this news is amazing.

So far this seems like it’s going to be an amazing new season for Supergirl and it looks like it really found its home on The CW.

New season starts Oct. 10th!!

Article Submitted by Jenn Lueck