American Horror Story 1984 only has a few episodes left, and it’s interesting to see where the tale will take us. Before we grab our popcorn and begin this week’s episode, let’s have a rundown on what happened last week! From here on out, there will be a ton of spoilers.


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“Lady in White” began with a flashback of Camp Redwood in 1948. The camp’s cook (Lily Rabe) was yelling at her sons for hiding in the mess hall reading comic books. After sending some derogatory words to her eldest, the boys went out to the dock to swim. Mother knew best, and she warned her kids to stick together. Subsequently, being called fat by his peers, the older brother ran off to watch the lifeguard and his gal pal get it on. However, a splash interrupted the private show, and the boy ran back to the docks to find his young brother Bobby dead. In a fit of hysteria, the mother blamed all the counselors, the lifeguard, and her older son Benjamin, for Bobby’s death.


Back in the 1980’s Donna took care of Brooke in a motel. Brooke was detoxing from the drug Donna used to make her appear dead. The two ended up bonding over the experience until Brooke found out about Booth’s music festival. To detour Brooke from murdering Booth, Donna took her to a roller rink where they met a man named Bruce. He claimed his girlfriend lived near Camp Redwood and asked for a ride. These girls aren’t fools, so they initially said no until they had some suspicious car trouble. Bruce helped them fix their vehicle, and they agreed to take him. Bruce became a bit creepy, so Donna pulled over the car and asked him to leave. When he refused, a police officer came on the scene but was eventually shot by Bruce, allowing Brooke and Donna to speed away.


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At Camp Redwood, Mr. Jingles came face-to-face with those he killed. It was discovered that an angry “lady in white” scares the ghosts around camp. This was when Mr. Jingles explained that the camp cook was his mother. This inspired Mr. Jingles to tell the deceased that his mother killed a bunch of camp counselors after Bobby’s death. Mr. Jingles had to kill his own mother before she killed him. It is now assumed that her rage is what keeps the dead at Camp Redwood. Xavier took Mr. Jingles to his mother’s cabin, where the two see each other for the first time in almost 40 years. Mother explained how she saw Mr. Jingles working at the camp fawning over Booth. Due to her pure hatred of her eldest son, she made Booth kill everyone at the camp.


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Donna and Brooke found themselves stuck at a red light when a police car plowed into them. Bruce kidnapped them and gave Brooke a choice, drag Donna down the road or get shot in the face. Brooke played the part of the angry friend and started to pull Donna until she slammed the truck in reverse and shot Bruce in the leg. The two got out of the cab, and Donna choked Bruce out. The girls tied him to a pole and cut off his thumbs.


Booth and the band Kajagoogoo were setting up for the gig at Camp Redwood when Trevor saw Montana. They enjoyed some time alone when the Nightstalker appeared on the scene. He explained to a band member that their contract with Satan was up and slaughtered the band. Meanwhile, Mr. Jingles was sitting on the dock where his brother died. His mother appeared and convinced him that the only way he could keep his son safe was by killing himself before the Nightstalker could. He did so and came back as a ghost, ready to take on his foe.