Critical Role has brought me comfort during some family turmoil. It is nice to plug in a show and get lost in a world of make-believe and wonder. Sadly, I was a bit behind on The Legend of Vox Machina (LOVM) until the day of writing this. However, I must admit this season has taken me by surprise. It does not feel like a one-to-one carbon copy of Critical Role’s first campaign, and I am 100% into it!

vox machina
Source: Entertainment Weekly

LOVM Season Two Story

The last season of the LOVM ended with the Chroma Conclave invading Emon. Season two picks up right where this left off, with civilians fleeing and key figures finding their demise. Five massive chromatic dragons banded together to take over Tal’Dorei, causing chaos and destruction. After taking several heavy hits, Vox Machina retreated to their keep. Then, without a moment to tend to their wounds, they whisked away to Whitestone, saving many civilians using a “Transport via Plants” spell. But, before a night’s rest, Keeper Yennen urges them to head to Vasselheim to seek aid.

While in Vasselheim, Vox Machina turns to a group of bounty hunters called the Slayer’s Take. There, they encountered a Sphinx that explained what they would need to turn the tide. But first, our heroes need to find artifacts known as Vestiges of Divergence. This is where the story takes off, and our heroes are in for a wild third arc.


It is known that I love a good animated show with crude humor. Season two of the LOVM is no different. I appreciate that this season is not a carbon copy of the stream. Ultimately, I know how the show will end. However, it is nice to be surprised. I appreciate what the team did when Grog put down Craven Edge. Additionally, I loved how we met Wilhand Trickfoot. These changes were clever and heart-warming. Overall, I am excited to see where the final three episodes take us.

Critical Role News

But wait! There is more Critical Role news to be shared. Amazon Studios announced a multiyear exclusive overall TV and first-look film deal with Critical Role. In addition, the Mighty Nein is also getting their own series. Mighty Nein is set to begin production soon. Titmouse, Critical Role, and Amazon Studios, who made The Legend of Vox Machina, will be working on the show. While there is no set release date, I hope a certain cupcake will appear.

Odds and Ends

Want to watch some Critical Role? Head over to their Twitch channel, where new episodes are shared Thursday nights at 7 pm PST. Looking to see the LOVM? That can be found on Amazon Prime. In the end, I hope you are as excited about the upcoming prospects as I am.