Season 9 of The Flash is here! Check out my post from last week for a short review of the past eight years of time travel and crime fighting. Luckily, CW gave us a recap of last season before the premiere this week. The highlights included Iris healing from her time sickness, Cecile developing telekinetic powers, and Caitlin and Mark’s questionable decision to try and bring Frost back to life.

The first episode of Season 9 was a blatant Groundhog Day rip-off. Seriously, Cecile named the movie in the episode. As Barry and Iris lived the same day repeatedly, our favorite team became divided into pairs. It’s hard for me not to feel sad as they set the characters up for the show’s conclusion (I’ll hold my tears for now, though).

Barry and Iris

Episode 1, “Wednesday Ever After,” opened with Barry having a nightmare. Team Flash cuffs Monteleone, but one after another, our heroes’ eyes pulsate with red lighting, and they die. Barry heeded the nightmare’s warning that he couldn’t protect his family and friends.

Barry woke up next to Iris on their one-week staycation post Iris’s time sickness. He told Iris that she had a big day at CC media and to “just say yes.” As the episode unfolded, we learned that Barry mapped out their future and created a guide on the decisions they must make to achieve it.

If leaving dirty socks on her desk didn’t annoy Iris already, stripping away her free will definitely did. Would you want to know you’re going to get pregnant in three months? Or that you win two Pulitzers? I wouldn’t mind the latter either, but you get the point.

Unsurprisingly, Barry and Iris found themselves in a time loop. The day consisted of a few major events. First, Allegra told Iris that CatCo Worldwide Media wants to buy CCC Media and that she should “just say yes.” Next, Captain Kramer recommended Barry for the position of director of the Central City Police CSI Division. Also, Barry had a fight with Captain Boomerang, who was stealing an accelerator from a truck.

Team Flash initially thought Barry’s speed interacting with the accelerator caused the time loop. Then, after a couple of dozen deaths, Barry figured out Iris caused the time loop by declining CatCo’s buyout. Eventually, Iris stopped showing up to work entirely and started drinking wine in the morning. She had the right idea, except who likes Merlot?

Ultimately, Barry and Iris got out of the time loop by living the day together and finding a new way for Iris to expand her empire. Instead of taking CatCo’s buyout offer, CCC Media obtained a loan to buy the Coast City Gazette.

Runk and Allegra

Runk and Allegra finally made out! It only took a nuclear explosion that the Flash somehow phased everyone through. The showrunners gave us multiple angles. It was a lot, but I’m happy for them.

Caitlin and _?

I have absolutely no idea what is happening with Caitlin. Towards the end of the episode, whoever is in Caitlin’s body signals the Flash, and they have a cryptic conversation. This will clearly be important for the season, but I’m going to need a thorough explanation to wrap my head around this.

Cecile and Joe

Joe was not exactly pumped that Cecile had telekinetic powers. At the end of the episode, he suggests that they leave Central City. Not yet, Joe! There’s a lot of season left.

Captain Boomerang and The Red Death

The episode ended with Captain Boomerang and The Red Death plotting to take down the Flash. Yes! The Red Death is the big bad we needed to do the Flash’s last run justice.

Is it Next Week Yet?

Episode 1 set the table for a promising season. I can’t wait for the next episode. Is it next week yet, or am I stuck in a time loop?