Recap of HTGAWM Season 2, Episode 5 “Meet Bonnie”


Half of the fun of a taut, suspense thriller like HTGAWM is in its element of discovery. Although we’ve had several expository episodes regarding Annalise, the people surrounding her remain enigma somewhat. We as viewers are offered the tiniest snippets of information and are left scrounging for more. It keeps us on our toes and it keeps the show on a steady course of “What the deuce just happened?!”

Tonight’s exposition-title of the episode aside-was a closer look into Asher’s involvement as a confidential informant against Annalise. Asher has been MIA this season and we get a better idea of the why. Something in his past (an accident involving a woman at a lake) is being held over his head by the D.A. and he’s taken their opportunity to wiggle out of trouble. This is not the same Asher Millstone of season 1; this young man has the weight of the world on his shoulders, nowhere to turn to and no one to assist him with it. Enter Bonnie Winterbottom.

Bonnie’s role this seasons has changed significantly. Where last season she was Annalise’s right-hand, this season, she is second guessed and chastised at every turn. After falling on her symbolic sword, Bonnie takes it a step further, telling Asher in detail how SHE killed Sam. It’s a risky move: Bonnie and Asher are no longer a couple and Annalise knows it. She drives another wedge between herself and her former number 2 by declaring that Bonnie can’t possibly know Asher just from their months-old relationship.

And the other interns, what have they been up to? Well, Laurel is jumping Frank in the basement, Connor is day-drinking, Michaela is comforting Caleb Hapstall (and falling for him? Desires unclear presently.) and Wes…Wes the puppy. Wes and Rebecca’s foster brother Levi are on a wild goose chase for Rebecca’s rotting corpse. Here’s the thing: when Frank is involved, a person won’t be 2 steps ahead of him. He’ll be 5 steps ahead of them. It came as no surprise when Rebecca’s body was nowhere to be found and a hefty kilo of methamphetamine ended up in Levi’s car trunk.

A horrific end to the episode-and perhaps the catalyst for every action Bonnie does-was Annalise showing Asher the video of Bonnie. Partially clothed. Aged approximately 6 or 7. Being leered at by a filthy excuse for a human. Meet Bonnie indeed.

Favorite Lines:

“Men lie Bonnie. It’s all they’re good at.” Annalise to Bonnie

“Stop. Nothing you say will make me not hate you right now.” Annalise to Bonnie

“If the beard’s in, I might reconsider.” Michaela to Laurel, Wes and Connor