Like many episodes in the new season of Murphy Brown, episode eleven asks and answers the tough questions of the day, including this one – Did they get a dog? They got a dog. This episode has a dog! After two weeks of addressing serious topics that affect people like you and I right now, we get a heartwarming story about a rescue dog with wheels and an Avery that stands up for himself to the WOLF network.

Corky begins by ending theirs with a preview of her coming visit to a local animal shelter for National Adopt A Pet Day the next morning. She traps Murphy into attending with her despite her lack of interest by announcing the visit on live television, and then we are blessed with a sassy comment from Julius who is arguably the most popular supporting character on the show. I believe this is true because he keeps getting longer and longer lines each episode. They know we love Julius, people! They know.

We revisit Miguel, who is now settled into Phyllis’s apartment as well as the restaurant as he finishes school after his parents’ deportation, and find out that Avery has been moved into a time slot during Prime Time – at 10pm after the WOLF network’s superstar Haggerty (Hannity . . .what? Who said that?). Murphy warns him that the network will try to get him to tow the company line and read statements written by people working directly with Trump but he maintains that they know he is independent and won’t read scripted news.

At the Adopt Not Shop event the next morning, Murphy is alarmed to find out how many animals are euthanized each year and commits to an adoption of the next dog about to be put down. That’s when we get to meet our new favorite member of the cast after Julian – #256, a French bulldog / Boston terrier mix who has lost the use of his back legs and uses a wheelchair to supplement his movement. When Avery returns home to find that his childhood dream of a pet is finally happening he responds with the giddy joy of a child who has just been given a dog – or a reasonable adult who has just been given a dog. They bond instantly and the Brown’s agree he’ll need a better name that 256, then Avery takes him upstairs to show him his room. Precious.

Right after Murphy explains that the dog is totally Avery’s responsibility Avery says he’ll be away on business for several days, so we know that soon in the episode the dog and Murphy will bond. Avery shoots the first episode of his 10pm show in Texas where he interviews teachers and individuals from a variety of backgrounds about arming teachers and allowing guns in the classroom. Predictably, the WOLF network tries to force Avery to read a prepared statement by the network at the end of his first episode even though they said they wouldn’t, and Avery reacts in a fashion that proves in the end that he is all Brown.

In the end Murphy reminds Avery that they now have two American heroes under one roof and despite the fact that he may or may not be seeking new employment, the two do manage to name the sweet little puppins Ben-Hur, or Benny Brown for anyone feeling informal. If you want to see a cute pic and read an article about the real-life dog playing Ben-Hur Brown then click on the link below!

A cool article about the new dog on Murphy Brown!