As a child, around three or four, I distinctly remember the day we got my cat, Homer. He was a tiny, sickly kitten that my dad had to bottle feed. However, I remember falling in love with him because he was little like me. We had fifteen great years together, and I often think of him fondly. So, when I heard there was a video game in which I could play as a cat, I immediately jumped at the opportunity! Today I am here to tell you about Stray.

Source: PlayStation Store

The Story

Stray is an adventure game developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. The game begins with four cats hanging around the ruins of an abandoned facility. However, as the cats jump from platform to platform, our protagonist accidentally miscalculates their jump and falls. Battered and scared, the cat finds themselves in an underground city. Desperate to return to the surface, our feline friend follows clues around the town, leading them to a lab. Here, they help an AI named B-12, and the story takes off from there. Along the way, players will escape from baddies, meet robots, and hopefully find their way home.


Watching the scene where our hero fell into the city was heartbreaking. I immediately wanted nothing more than to keep this cat safe. The developers did a fantastic job at making me care about this character. Sure, I was already a cat person, and not everyone will feel this way, but they got me! Additionally, I enjoyed the subtle way the developers told me which way to traverse the city. Signs would light up or burn out, indicating the path to follow. Again, I felt they did a great job showing rather than telling. I also found the story compelling and the puzzles engaging. Overall, I felt Stray was a wonderful game and earned the award they received.

Odds and Ends

Looking for another purrfect cat game? Look no further than Cat Quest II. Plus, it even has a co-op mode! Additionally, if you want to check out Stray, you can find it on PlayStation 4, 5, and Steam. In the end, I cannot recommend both games enough.