These days, it can be hard to find an excellent local coop game to play with a friend or family member. This is especially true when you want a game that will drop a lot of loot! Therefore, I typically recommend the Borderlands series. It has explosions, loot, and loot explosions! However, after scouring Reddit, I found one game that quickly became a favorite in my household. That game is Cat Quest II.

Cat Quest II
Source: Cat Quest II Presskit

The Story

Cat Quest II takes place after the first game in the series of the same name. In the first installment, single players were a catventurer in the land of Felingard. Players were tasked with taking on the evil Drakoth and saving their catnapped sister. However, the second game focused on the pending war between cats and dogs. Our heroes, Cat and Dog, were brought together against their will. They must work together to bring peace to the land! Players adventure in the cat kingdom of Felingard and the dog counterpart the Lupus Empire armed with nothing but a blade and some punny jokes. This paw-some adventure will make any animal lover wag their tail in delight!


After playing the demo on Steam alone, I knew I had to drag my husband along for the ride. We booted the game up on the Xbox and honestly did not stop for days. Cat Quest II’s story is gripping, and the graphics are delightful. I thought the cat and dog puns would get old; however, they made me giggle every time. We were also happy with the amount of loot that was dropped. It felt like we were constantly getting something new and cool that we had to try. With graphics this cute, one might assume this is an easy game. However, there were moments when things were challenging. This is especially true for the quest at Founder’s Island II. Here, players need to defeat the cat-ified versions of the game’s developers, The Gentlebros. There were several moments when we came close to succeeding and ultimately failed. However, after defeating The Gentlebros, we felt accomplished. Plus, getting that sweet loot is always appreciated. Overall, I would highly recommend this game if you are looking for a coop adventure!

Odds and Ends

If you are looking to go on a paw-some quest, this game is the one for you! Players can find it on Steam, Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and Gog. In the end, I highly recommend this title for those looking for a coop experience filled with laughter and fun.