To me, season 2 of The Owl House greatly improves on the first. as with many second seasons, since they have already introduced, in this case, most of the main cast, they can do more with them. They build on relationships, change character dynamics, build up the world, and, of course, spend more time on the plot. All of this mixed together to add so much to The Owl House, even adding to its re-watchability, whether intentionally or not.

With the limited time the creators were given by Disney to finish the show, they had to speed up many of the plot points. However, I feel this benefits the writing, giving a greater sense of urgency than we had in season 1. With Luz trapped in the Demon Realm and trying to create a new portal, as well as everything happening with The Day of Unity, it leads to a tenser atmosphere than before, even in more relaxed episodes, because we’re always aware of the threats ahead. This does not at all mean, though, that there aren’t light-hearted episodes or scenes. On the contrary, Luz and Amity officially begin dating, they have their first kiss, and of course, other characters have their moments as well. In fact, there is a character introduced in this season that is greatly involved in both the serious and heart-warming portions of the season and of the rest of the show; Hunter.
We first meet Hunter (Zeno Robinson) in the first episode of the season, and we aren’t given his name. He’s only known as “The Golden Guard,” the right-hand man to Emperor Belos. He threatens Eda and Luz, telling them to kill a creature that Belos has ordered him to kill. Otherwise, he will hurt King, who he has trapped in a cage. He leaves thinking the creature has been killed, riding off on his staff. The next time we see him is 5 episodes later, where, unbeknownst to herself, Luz has been abducted along with a group of Palesman by Hunter to be taken to Belos. Through their journey together in this episode, Luz and Hunter begin to bond, although they are still on opposite sides. I don’t want to go into any more spoilers, but throughout this season, Hunter grows greatly as a character, bonding not only with Luz but others as well. In my opinion, he is a major player in one of the best episodes of the entire series. He is one of my favorite parts of the season.

Along with Hunter, many other characters develop as well. Personally, I love that Amity and her father get closer, Mattholomule, though he doesn’t appear much, learns to respect illusion magic through a particularly fun interaction with Gus, and even both the Blight twins grow as people. I love that, though they aren’t the main characters, the writers took the time to develop them. It makes them feel like they’re real people and like things are going on in their lives, even if we don’t see it. It makes them feel REAL.
Another thing that makes the world feel real is that we get to see more OF it. We not only explore MORE of the Boiling Isles but travel OUTSIDE of it and even learn what it was like before the start of the series. This is so much more than we knew last season, and I love how much bigger the world feels because of it. There are even places that we only hear about or see for short periods of time, which, to me, add to this, as, just like in real life, there will be places you know better than others because of where you live, how much you’re able to travel, and how educated you are about other places. I do wish there was more time for things like this, but with the limited time the writers had, I appreciate what they did with the world-building.

The last thing I want to discuss is the ending of the season. I have a love/hate relationship with the ending because it was great, but it was also the end of the season. If it weren’t for the fact that I came into the fandom late, I would have had to wait for the next season for so long instead of just a few days while watching it with a friend. I have much sympathy for those older fans. I do LOVE the ending, though. It’s chock-full of action, character development, and sweet moments, with a heart-wrenching ending that will live in my memory forever. It was a great conclusion to a great season. And the show’s not even over yet!

Due to the cuts in episodes, the final season of The Owl House will be 3 45-minute specials, one of which has already premiered and is on YouTube, and the second of which will be (officially) premiering on the 21st of this month (January). I will be reviewing all 3 of these specials in lieu of a full season review, as I feel this will be more comprehensive and more fun, so be on the lookout for those when they are published.