We open to Stewie, Lois, Peter and Brian watching a Lego movie. Chris was practicing his recorder and Peter thought it was his cue to leave this life behind but it prompted Lois to apply to be a music teacher at Meg and Chris’s high school. Of course, they were less than thrilled.

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Lois is having a hard time in class mainly because of a girl named Connie. Connie is disrespectful to Lois and Lois sends Connie to the principal. Connie gets expelled because of it. Connie starts cyberbullying Lois.

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Lois ends up going on a date with a lesbian and has a bunch of other small things. All Meg is worried about is the quiz in Lois’s class. Connie ends up dying in an automobile accident. Lois is arrested because she was caught on tape threatening Connie in the grocery store. Of course, Peter is less than helpful in proving Lois innocent in the murder. So she gets to sit in jail while Peter gallivants around being dumb.

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What happens to Lois? Is she proved innocent or does Peter muss everything up? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…