Dana Terrace’s “The Owl House,” which premiered on Disney Channel in 2020, was one of those shows that I wanted to check out but, for whatever reason, didn’t, and boy, do I regret it. Even just the first season of this show is amazing. There is fantastic character development, themes, and animation. The voice acting is all-around amazing, and the music is great too. I can’t believe this is just the START of the series! 

Whenever I tell anyone about this show, the first thing I bring up is the characters. I love all of the main characters so much! I’d love to be friends with all of them if they were real. They all assist in highlighting the theme of uniqueness and fantasy vs. reality. Luz (Sarah-Nicole Robles), the main character, is very creative but has trouble connecting with people and separating fantasy and reality when necessary. She doesn’t know how to properly use her creativity IN real life; this is something she learns from Eda (Wendie Malick), the second main character. Eda is a witch, as she says, “the most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles.” She is a very talented and wacky woman who, for the most part, does her own thing in her own way. Unlike Luz, she manages to sustain her unique nature while ALSO being responsible and realistic. She knows how the real world (or at least the world of the Boiling Isles) works and can work within it while still retaining what makes her her. This is quite good, considering Eda is responsible for another living being, King (Alex Hirsch), a young demon child. King does not know what he is but believes he is the “king of demons.” He pretends his toys are his subjects and calls his friends and family similar things as well. Even though King is a child and thus can indulge in these fantasies more than Eda or Luz, this does not mean he is exempt from acknowledging reality. And these are just the main three characters. 

Luz, Eda, and King live in the titular Owl House. It, though not living, is inhabited and guarded by Hooty (Alex Hirsch), another demon whose origins are unclear. He is connected to the house, has an owl head, and has a seemingly endless tube for a body. He acts as a “state-of-the-art security system” for the house, as well as living in its front door. He is a very strange but endearing character that, like the other characters, you’ll grow to love, even when he creeps you out. There is also the Hexside gang, a few students Luz befriends. Same as with all the other characters, they go through fantastic character growth within the first season. However, I don’t want to spoil it for you, as one of those episodes, in particular, is one of the best of season one, if not the whole series. Needless to say, you’ll love them all once you get to know them. 

You’ll also learn to love the demon realm, specifically the Boiling Isles. As the witches are humanoid, there are many similarities to our world, but there are differences too. The world has its issues, politics, and people. They’re all relatable but also unique in a way that reminds you that this is a different world from ours. The way that magic is done is unique, with the different types and people being able to do different things with each. It’s fun to picture what you’d do if you could do anything to them because they’re so well demonstrated in the show that you get very good ideas of what they can do. There are also different prejudices than in our world. They don’t care about your sexual orientation or identity. What the society of the Boiling Isles does care about is how good at magic you are. There are many times in season one of the show where we see characters being picked on because of their perceived lack of magical talent when, in reality, they’re just being forced into a track that isn’t good for them or that they’re not naturally talented at. In parallel to real life, school can either be a place where children thrive or are stifled. They need to be allowed to explore what interests them, to find what they are passionate about, and thus what they are good at to succeed in life. This is another one of the show’s themes.

This season is a great start to the show. It introduces and develops the characters compellingly, the world is fascinating to explore, and the animation is beautiful, especially during fight scenes. Not to mention the representation! Altogether it makes for a great first season. If this sound like something that interests you, the show streams on Disney+, and the newest episode premiers on January 21st, 2023.