Hey friends! So this week’s review is actually a combo review of the past two episodes, because I felt like they had a very similar structure and should be discussed together. And also last week I was swamped and dying from my workload and I really didn’t get to it! Oops! #CollegeLife.

But the thing about the style of these two episodes still holds true. Both Djibouti Call (that title though) and Twist and Shout had relatively bland cases, but interesting plot developments in the world of interpersonal relationships. So in Djibouti Call, Cabe gets a new trainee named Tim and he is smokin’ hot! Paige picks up on this pretty quick. The team has a mission in Djibouti, Africa (and yes, Toby makes a lot of jokes) and Paige and Tim go undercover as a married couple, and they look quite good doing it. Walter is not so impressed by the arrangement, but Paige is just about done with waiting around for Walter.

Here’s my thing about Tim: there’s literally nothing wrong with him. He’s actually perfect, which leads me to believe a Paige/Tim romance really wouldn’t work out because he’s quite cookie-cutter and ultimately just too boring for Paige, who’s been hanging around these crazy geniuses jumping out of planes and catching bad guys for over a year now. Walter is interesting because he’s a little broken; all of the geniuses are. Tim is cute, but I haven’t seen much deep as far as his personality goes. I’m guessing he’ll be gone before too long.

On the Quintis side of things, Toby has taken up these little dares with Cabe, Walter, and Sly as a replacement for gambling, which is promised Happy he would give up. Ok, these dares hardly different from gambling, and our girl Happy Quinn lets him know. She tells him that the dares have to stop too, and he claims that giving up an addiction is not so simple because there is an itch there and a feeling that he cannot get from anything else. Then, Happy jumps him and pushes him into the piano and kisses him senseless. Hey writers, have you guys been reading the fanfiction?! It was so good it was like watching all our fanfiction dreams come true. So Happy implies that she can be the substitute euphoric feeling that Toby gets when he gambles, and I quite like that analogy. Toby’s always said he’s addicted to Happy.

In Twist and Shout, Tim makes a reappearance, along with Walter’s failed date Linda. Remember what happened to her? Their date went miserably and then some bad dude strapped a bomb to her chest to blackmail Team Scorpion into some illegal computer hacking. Ya, I’m surprised she came back after that one. But she did, so now both Paige and Walter have their own watered down version of the other. Paige is visibly annoyed when Linda comes into the garage, and Walter is very snappy with Tim throughout their whole mission. Paige and Walter do share a sweet moment when they are almost whisked away by a cat. 4 tornado in Vietnam, but Walter holds on tight to Paige and says in no uncertain terms, “I’m never letting you go.” This is a clever allusion to earlier in the episode when Toby tells Walter that going on a date with Linda would be a good step for him and a good way to “let Paige go.” Clearly Toby is getting as annoyed with waiting for Waige to happen as the rest of us.

But despite Walter’s romantic and symbolic gesture during the tornado, he lets Tim ask out Paige and then agrees to go on a date with Linda. So going into the final episodes, Waige has never been farther apart. Sigh.

Quintis, however, seems to be progressing very quickly. Very quickly. Perhaps too quickly. At the end of Twist and Shout, Toby asks Happy if he would have been easy for her to get over had he died in the tornado, to which she replies no. He then tells her to chew on the idea of marriage and leaves Happy standing there shocked and breathless. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Quintis, I love them with all my heart. I really want them to get married, but is this just too soon? I feel like Happy is barely getting comfortable being in a relationship. We still haven’t seen them perfectly content with their relationship. Toby still has a gambling problem that’s getting in the way (and will likely get him into big trouble come the finale), and Happy still hasn’t learned to let herself have something good in her life. Maybe getting married will be the push they both need to gain ultimate bliss, but it seems rushed in my opinion. Oh well, as long as they’re happy.

What do you guys think? If Toby proposes, will Happy say yes? Or will it actually scare her so much that she calls off the relationship completely, saying that Toby needs to grow up a little before he can be in a real relationship? Because I can totally see that happening. With the show just renewed for a third season, there’s a lot of directions I think this relationship could go.

Finally, Twist and Shout ended with a software program that Ralph developed for his college — and a nasty professor who failed him for it and then promptly stole the software. The team calls in their hilarious lawyer friend Haywood Jahelpme Morris to work the case.

So will Quintis get engaged? Will Haywood Jahelpme Morris get Ralph’s software back? Will Walter and Paige ever stop running circles around each other? Hopefully we’ll get the answers to all these questions and more in the final 3 episodes of the season!