The gaming industry is the biggest in all of the entertainment industry. There are millions of players sitting on their gaming rigs and playing round the clock around the world. And many keep looking for newer games for a better gaming experience. There has been some increasing attention towards MOBA games recently. League of Legends is the leading MOBA game with over 67 million online players. It is a race to destroy the enemy base. Let’s look at some of the reasons you should be playing League of Legends.

Easy Gameplay

One of the common misconceptions about LOL is that people think it’s difficult to play. That is not at all the case. There are trainer modules available for new players and AI bot modes that are helpful too. Also, one of the best things is that the game matches you to other players at a similar level you wouldn’t feel alienated by being outranked. Who knows you might get so good at it that one day best sportsbooks in the business would offer odds on your LOL contests! 


Newbie players generally don’t want to buy games. They are in it for the fun and look to buy games only later when they become better gamers. Most popular games want players to pay. Even games that claim to be free, later offer in-game purchases that give undue advantage to players who are ready to pay. One of the best things about LOL is that it is completely free. There are no in-game purchases that give any player any kind of undue advantage as well. The only purchases are for skins but we all know that doesn’t make any difference in gameplay apart from the aesthetics.

Official E-sport

LOL is officially considered an E-sport. E-sports have been rapidly gaining traction and MOBAs such as League of Legends and Dota are leading the charge. What it means is that a good player hired by companies can get up to 5-year VISA in the US. You can even participate in gaming competitions across the US. Another attractive venue is the League Championship series which is one of the biggest gaming events hosted each year with teams participating as representatives of their nation and winning huge prices.

It’s Fun

No matter how interesting the facts about a game may sound, what really matters is that it should be fun and LOL is just that. It is a game that encourages teamwork. It keeps you involved with new challenges. Since you are competing in each round, it is extremely satisfying to win. Another bonus is that since you are playing with players of matching expertise, the gameplay doesn’t get dull even if you have become a really good gamer.

Frequently Updated

One of the common complaints from long-time gamers is the lack of regular updates to most games. LOL is very particular about updates and there is a new champion introduced into the game regularly. Not only this, but the maps also get updated every now and then. The game has even worked on improving its visuals over the last year.