In August of 2022 I attended the premier party of Death Walker in the US and reported on the evening and the episode we were shown. That night Nick mentioned his negotiations to bring the show to everyone, on his terms. Well, Death Walker is finally here in the US!

On December 7th, Nick Groff announced that Death Walker would now be available to watch for free on FilmRise. The great thing about this streaming service is that there is no logins or credit cards needed. You watch the episodes for free with commercials (aka ads).

Does my positive review hold up now that my viewing has extended past one episode? Yes. Groff’s passion and intense need to discover the truth and bring that truth to the viewer is very apparent. During the journey he brings up questions that make you rethink how we view the paranormal. Are the entities we see existing in their own timeline in the same space? Are they living free of time? Do they think we are the ghosts? How can entities physically touch us?

Each episode visits a new location that addresses a new point of view and aspect of the paranormal. The evidence captured isn’t abundant, though it is quality. Nick and his cousin, Justin Narragon, spend their time alone in the locations, no camera crews. Occasionally there are guests, like Daniel Klaes and Tessa Del-Zappo, that join the two-man team for part of the night, but most of the time is just Groff and Narragron. This set up returns to the roots of where Nick started exploring the paranormal.

Psychic/Medium Tessa Del-Zappo walks the grounds of Myrtrel’s Plantation. Screenshot taken by Melissa Rothman for via FilmRise YouTube. All Right reserved to Nick Groff, No Sleep Productions, and FilmRise.

The episodes almost feel like a YouTube video style show, but higher quality filming and production. You get static camera views and handheld camera views. Both are cut together to bring the audience a full picture of the investigations. Sometime’s, when he can and it is safe to, Nick stays overnight in the locations.

Long before Ghost Adventures, the pair got together and explored the paranormal together. Death Walker brings them together again for a raw, minimally edited investigation. The editing done is just for time and for minor reenactments. Most of the footage shown feels uncut and real time. In the same token there are moments where the evidence caught is so clear, it’s almost unbelievable. Don’t worry I believe it, especially since Nick does his best to debunk and analyze everything.

In the Northeastern Hospital episode, a shadow figure was caught that sent chills down my spine. As an avid paranormal TV show watcher it has been a long time since I have sen evidence that made me feel that way. This makes it really exciting and new experience each episode I watch.

As I said in my Death Walker US Premier article Nick’s authentic passion has always stood out to me. His approach to investigating is thorough and professional and his devotion to the discovery of truth is rare in the realm of paranormal television. His departure from Ghost Adventures was, in part because he didn’t agree with the theatrics of the production. He told us in August that he wanted to bring a show that he could deliver to the audience with truth and trust. His ability to create this show and have the freedom to bring his viewers a show that is steeped in truth and believability was important to him.

For this viewer, I can say that his hard work paid off. Team Groff has spent a long time trying to bring this show together and get it to as many people as possible. In spite of the the inner politics of the paranormal TV world, he has been able to bring us a great show. Thanks to Nick and team for working as hard as you have to bring Death Walker to the US. It was worth waiting.

As the episodes go on, you can see the growth and evolution of the show. Death Walker is finally in the US and you should watch it. You can get the FilmRise app, or watch the episodes on FIlmRise True Crime Youtube, new episodes released there Wednesdays! And don’t forget to let us know what you think about the show!

Nick walks the halls of the unnamed Northeastern Hospital with an audio device to try to communicate with spirits, just before the shadow figure is caught. Screenshot taken by Melissa Rothman for via FilmRise YouTube. All Right reserved to Nick Groff, No Sleep Productions, and FilmRise.