In 2004, Nick Groff made his television debut with the release of Ghost Adventures original documentary. Ever since then, I have been watching him explore the paranormal world. For 18 years, Nick has been on TV and out in the world trying to find answers to questions he’s had since he was 13 when he and his cousin Justin began to investigate. Everything led up to August 20th, 2022, at the US Premier of Death Walker. 

The show, which has been airing in the UK, has 40 episodes, with 20 more being filmed. All 60 episodes will air soon here in the US soon. The announcement of where will happen soon, so stay tuned to Nick’s social media for the details. 

Out of all the paranormal shows I have watched over the last two decades, I have always felt Nick’s passion and authenticity stand out to me. And Meeting him in person after 18 years and hearing him talk about Death Walker really solidified my feelings about him. The passion he has for this project and the time he’s put into it has paid off. 

Daniel Klaes of the Greater WNY Paranormal Society introduces discusses the episode of Behind the Shadows that just aired.

The US premiere of Death Walker took place in a haunted location in WNY, The Riviera Theater. This historic theater is home to legendary ghosts, shadow figures, and grand architecture. The setting for this viewing was beautiful and spooky. Just before the first episode of Death Walker, the Greater Western New York Paranormal Society aired an episode of their show Behind the Shadows Decades. The group is led by Daniel Klaes, a life-long paranormal enthusiast and owner of the notoriously haunted Hinsdale House. 

The episode of Behind The Shadows was about the Riviera Theater. The evidence they showed was really eerie. Seeing what they captured in the building we were sitting in and had to continue sitting in was really unsettling. The show can be found on the streaming service Paraflixx and can be found on Amazon Prime. I recommend taking a look at the show. I know I am going to get the app to watch more of the show. 

After Behind the Shadows, the moment arrived. Tessa DelZappo Groff, a psychic medium and wife of Nick, introduced Death Walker and the show began. The format of this show is much like Paranormal Lockdown. Nick and Justin enter alone to investigate. Sometimes a guest will come for part of the night, and then Nick is left alone to stay the night, with a camera to capture any evidence. Nick said he feels the isolation lends itself to more concrete and indisputable evidence. In addition, there is less possible human pollution with only a few people present to investigate. 

Nick and Tessa are on stage while answering fan questions. Photo source: Melissa Rothman for TGON at Death Walker US Premier.

Maybe it was watching on a big movie screen that made it feel extra scary, or it was knowing I was in a haunted location, or it could be the raw nature of the filming; minimal editing of the investigation. The whole time watching, I felt on edge, like I was waiting for something to happen. You could feel the emotion Nick was going through. It really felt different from any show I have seen before. And given the never before seen evidence he shared with the crowd last night, his investigations are going to a whole different level. Some evidence was found here in WNY, my hometown, which is simultaneously very cool and very scary. 

When it boils down to it, Nick fought hard for the past few years to make this show right and present it how he felt it was right and genuine. He has been working behind the scenes to make this show and present it to his audience in the way he wanted. He is working to be able to get the show airing everywhere, like Canada, Germany, and of course, the US. He is working on getting the show out to everyone. The wait for it to start airing here is worth it, and you will not be disappointed. If you are a fan of Nick and the format of Paranormal Lockdown and the very start of Ghost Adventures, you will for sure love this. So stay tuned to his social media for the announcement of when it will be on the airwaves. 

Thanks for being a part of my life for 18 years, Nick, and thanks for the amazing night. Your dedication and hard work are obvious. Your passion shows through. I can’t wait for more Death Walker! 

As a side note, Tessa told a story about her connection to WNY and her jumpstart to her abilities. So the setting for the Death Walker premier was perfect in many ways. WNY has many haunted locations, so if you are ever in the area, definitely check out some of our spooky locations.