Archie’s Holiday

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As heart-wrenching as it was to say goodbye to Luke Perry so early in the season, it was even more heart wrenching to watch Archie and his mother spend their first holiday without him. Archie has been doing a great number of good deeds in honor of his father, but I’m worried that he is confusing the right thing to do with misplacement of his anger. It’s understandable that he is trying to make his father proud, but I believe that making him proud would include him growing to be better than his surroundings. Risking his life to bring down the bad guys isn’t making him any better than them.

For Thanksgiving, Archie decided to keep the center open for a community Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, anytime Archie does something for the youth, Dodger’s gang has to tear it down, but since he spent his Thanksgiving in the hospital, his family decided to crash his dinner by waving a gun around not even knowing that he wasn’t responsible for Dodger’s beat down. Thanks to his dad’s old fryer and the holy spirit, the family was forced out and they all could finally eat in peace. We know this isn’t the last of Dodger or anyone who works for him, but I guess now the question is what does it take to bring down Dodger?

Jughead’s Next Theory

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Betty came to Jughead’s dorm for the holiday which was pretty lame without a quality home-cooked meal, but things heated up quickly when a game of “Never Have I Ever” with Donna and Brent. Prior to this Jughead conspired that Mr.Chipping didn’t willingly commit suicide. He believed it was something or someone. When Betty discovered a souvenir of Mr.Chipping’s in Donna’s room. It made him confident that something happened, but it wasn’t true. The truth was darker than it seemed because Mr.Chipping actually had an affair with Donna. I’m with Betty on this one because Donna is a really great liar. I don’t believe her story. I believe that someone gave Mr.Chipping and alternative in which he had no choice, but to kill himself.

The Cannibalistic Dinner

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This was by far the weirdest thanksgiving to watch on television. Cheryl and Toni decided to surprise her Aunt and Cousin with roasted Uncle Bedford for dinner. Since they “devoured” him they’ve committed a crime in the house that they have no choice, but to leave alone. I’m glad Cheryl stood her ground with her family about taking the Maple Syrup Empire. To be quite frank, it’s all Cheryl really has left of her parents. She has no choice, but to take care of herself and family. I applaud Cheryl for doing the best that she can and stay headstrong. I wish I had the mental power that she possesses.

Rating: 4/5

I rated this episode 4/5 because this holiday special I loved the way the problems were handled from the previous episode. I am at the point where I’m tired of seeing Dodger and his gang becoming a reoccurring form of conflict for Archie. I’m ready for the hero to save the day and get his happily ever after, but I do know it will probably never happen with Hiram still having a pulse and a relationship with Veronica. I was surprised that Jughead didn’t go home to be with his father, but I enjoy him and Betty together because their two heads are better than one. I’m also curious as to why Donna and Brent had a suicide note in their possession and decided to counter his theory with a teacher and student affair. Jughead gets called trashy, a bum, a low-life, etc…. what does that make Donna? More importantly, why would the affair drive him to jump out of a window? I hope this conspiracy theory hasn’t been laid to bed.

My favorite part of this episode had to be when Cheryl and Toni made a fool out of Cheryl’s relatives. I love the fact that Nana Rose can tell a tale that is nothing short from chilling even if it’s not true. That woman deserves an Oscar! I also love the fact that Cheryl has been absolutely fearless this season even with all of the paranormal crap occurring in her house. It’s like she’s immune to it. For Cheryl, surviving college and high school will be a breeze.

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