Often times when a series has more than one season, the quality waxes and wanes. Season five of Big Mouth was not as well-received as its predecessors. However, I felt that season six brought new life to the series. Adding new characters, bizarre Andrew scenarios, and sticking to that raunchy humor we know and love made this the best season yet.

Big Mouth season 6
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Big Mouth Season Six Spoiler-Free Recap

I aim to give this recap with as few spoilers as possible. This season is primarily focused on relationships. We see Andrew duck and weave through a long-distance relationship with Bernie. Missy also pursues a relationship with a new student named Elijiah. However, not all the relationships explored are romantic. Jessi navigates her tumorous relationship with her mom and deals with becoming an older sister. Additionally, Nick learns more about his father’s past, and the pair seem to grow closer. Overall, this season did a great job of showing relationships from the perspective of pre-teens.


I had high hopes for this season, and the Big Mouth team delivered. Sure, I fully anticipate raunchy humor when it comes to this series. However, there were still moments when I had to pull my jaw off the floor. Typically, this was done in musical form, and I am here for it. One downside to this season is the lack of growth on Andrew’s part. Watching this character develop unique sexual preferences feels played out. Hopefully, in subsequent seasons we will see less of Andrew’s impressive Department of Puberty file and more character development. This is just a minor criticism in a sea of compliments I could give the show. In the end, the writers told an excellent story, and I look forward to watching another season of this cringe-inducing masterpiece.

Odds and Ends

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