‘You’ is booming with viewers from it’s attraction of romance and suspicion. If you’re like me, you thought this would be a bout a handsome book store manager who will find true love with a beautiful bookworm. Well, the truth is Joe isn’t waiting for his happy ending, he’s taking it. In the previous episode, we saw Joe stalk the life of the blonde beaut that is Beck. Her life is interesting like Joe read from her body language in the bookstore. One thing that we noticed from his obsessive stalking is that Joe cares for Beck a lot without even giving her the opportunity tot invite him into her life. We now know that Joe is interested in creating a better life for Beck without even being a boyfriend yet. To be her boyfriend he had to get her toxic boyfriend out of the occasion Benji. In the end we saw Joe knock Benji out with a mallet, from the scene I had thought that Joe killed him, but in this episode we see that he is still alive. While Joe was able to get Benji out of the occasion by locking him away in a private book cellar in the basement of the bookstore, he was able to score a date with Beck, How does one capture a Pokemon a boyfriend and goes on about his day like he just has Pokemon in his pocket? Easy if you follow Joe Goldberg’s step. Step 1, Hit Boyfriend, Step 2 Place Boyfriend In private cellar, Step 3 steal his woman with a warm nice guy smile and charms that no girl can’t deny. Take notes fellas (Not really, you’re an idiot if you think this actually works).

Joe was so excited for his first date with Beck that he woke up early just in time to see her get prepared. It’s weird how Joe knows so much about a person through social, media, body language, and the clothes that she wears. I understand that we express ourselves through those things, but he is very precise with his readings. I wish that I had the gift to read people like a book because I love books! (but, people not so much). I love how Joe said that Beck would look good even if she wore a potato sack. It shows that he cares about the abundance of a woman, not so much of what she has materialistically and how much money she has. Some women and men think of their ideal partner as someone who has it all, or is close to it, Joe wants to give her his all. While Benji was locked up and caged like an animal, Joe tried to force Beck out of love with him. It’s obvious that Benji doesn’t care for Beck the way that he does from the way he speaks so low of her, but it just pissed Joe off even more. To hear Benji talk about Beck being less valuable than Joe thinks of her just added more fuel to his fire. The words got to him which caused him to pay more attention to Beck. Joe was able to snag Benji’s phone password in exchange for a line of cocaine which he accepted. I didn’t understand the point of keeping Benji trapped downstairs if he had no interest in Beck the way that he did. he assured him that he wouldn’t try to get back with her and the password to his phone was the name of another girl for crying out loud. I know he thought that Benji would just tell Beck everything that Joe did, I honestly don’t think Benji would’ve done that. He barley showed a care in the world for the girl in the first place. I thought there was no point of fighting with another guy over a girl that he clearly doesn’t want. Joe is a smart guy, but when it came to Benji, i didn’t think so. I thought stalkers usually leave you threatening notes made out of letters cut from magazines. Not Joe though, he shows the audience that he is no ordinary Joe.

We also found out that his little buddy Pac is a speed reader, which makes Joe constantly  deliver him literary treats to keep his mind occupied. We also noticed signs that Joe maybe blind from love. He focused so much about the things he loved about Beck that he couldn’t see any imperfections at all. I screamed “Wake up Joe, she’s human’. There is no such thing as a perfect woman. Maybe in the books he ready or in hair shampoo commercials, but never in real life.  During their date that consisted of a short walk down the street and reading other couples, Beck had to resume it later to meet with her professor. Like Joe predicted, the professor wanted Beck, but she didn’t want him she just wanted to keep her job. She dressed nice and wore her red lipstick like Benji said she would to get in his good graces. Joe watched the meeting (date) to ensure himself that Beck wouldn’t go as far as sleeping with the professor to keep her job. Luckily, Joe didn’t have to worry about capturing the professor to for having any contact with Beck. I didn’t like how he assumed that Beck was consisting to him touching her in a sexual way just because of she dressed.  Clothes isn’t consent. After Beck rejected him, she was told that she was released from her TA position for wearing revealing and lack of sleep.

After the disastrous meeting, Joe tagged along with Beck to her friend Peach’s annual divorce party. She holds the party every year to keep her mind off of her parent’s divorce. It’s defiantly an interesting way of coping with such a life event. I noticed that Peach is very protective of Beck, so protective that she doesn’t want to share her with anyone. In a way Peach is a lot like Joe about Beck which spells trouble. Joe doesn’t care for her friend’s, but insisted on being polite for Beck. Joe eventually found out that their are two sides of Beck, but isn’t sure which one she wants to be. One side of Beck wants a nice guy in her life, the other side craves the Bad guy and is satisfied with being treated less than what she deserves. As much as Joe wants her immediately, Beck isn’t quick to get rid of Benji and friend zoned Joe. The news crushed Joe internally, but he didn’t show it.  Eventually he was surprised with a thank you donut from Beck for being such a good “friend”. Joe wasn’t the only one who got a surprise though. Benji was surprised with a latte from Joe. At first I thought it was just Joe taking care of his new pet, but then………………Benji fell on the floor after one sip. It turned out that the latte wasn’t customized for Benji’s very strict and deadly diet. In fact, his coffee was made with every ingredient Benji was allergic to. Honestly this ending shocked me because Joe came off as so nice, he doesn’t have “Killer” written on him, it’s more like “Creeper”. Also, I didn’t see the point of killing Benji via latte after he already knocked him out with a book mallet! This pissed me off because Joe shows that he is very smart, but somethings he does, is very stupid. I just didn’t understand the point of keeping him in the basement just to serve him deadly coffee. If that was going to be the plan, he could’ve just invited him for coffee to discuss his Parisian soda company and slip peanut oil in his coffee while he wasn’t looking. The first episode had me on my toes wondering if this nice guy really ill someone, this episode just lead me into disappointment, but I can’t wait to see what this nice guy from New York does next episode.