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This episode opened with Sam and Gabe meeting in the media room for an interview about his documentary that involves Sam’s friends. Sam and Gabe’s bitter past created an interview that involved a lot of more personal issues than what it needed. I knew that Sam missed the game the moment she masturbated while thinking about him being there. Although he did break things off with her at the worst time possible she can’t help but love him regardless of who he is. I felt that most of the tension that was between the two came from lack of communication and understanding. Gabe had anger towards Sam for her sexual interaction with Reggie while Sam had anger towards Gabe for not being by her side. Both of them couldn’t swallow the hard truth about each other which caused them to not get along as much. In fact, they had to pause the interview a could of times because they kept firing shots at each other. Insult after insult only made them more and more angry towards each other.

Sam is always targeted for expressing her hate towards black oppression, racism, and the bullshit that happens at Winchester. She has always been the little girl with a big voice and that has intimidated a lot of her classmates thus causing the formation of Dear Right People, AltIvyW, and the creation of Gabe’s documentary. Her initiative to create a movement to dismantle white people who overstep their boundaries with blacks has caused her to become the common denominator in all campus ruckus caused by blacks. What I don’t like, is the fact that a lot of people point out the bad in Sam and portrays her as a tough girl who wants to be looked at as a victim. She is a tough girl, but she has feelings and the hate she receives from other students is beyond disrespectful. During her conversation with Gabe, she mentioned an email that a racist sent her about her sick dad. The things that the students do to her is making her a victim. She really is a victim of a hate crime just from a podcast. The only way you would know Sam was of a mixed race is if she told you. She admired the fact that she couldn’t fave the world as a white woman because her skin is black and that’s how to world is going to look at her

Gabe’s creation of the documentary along with Dear Right People has stirred up the diversity at Winchester. Gabe tried to explain to Sam that the documentary wasn’t to get back at her, but it was honestly not convincing. I felt that Gabe hit below the belt when he created the documentary because he knew that being an activist was something that Sam took seriously. Gabe did a lot of petty things, but I knew it was because he wanted to get a rise out of Sam. His frustration came from her always trying to uphold a strong persona and being angry at the world for the horrible things that happen. What he doesn’t understand is that he hasn’t been in Sam’s shoes. He doesn’t get harassed on a daily bases or get dragged by the internet for standing what he believes in. He always tries to tell her how she should handle things and that would make me pissed off too. I feel like he didn’t have the right to tell Sam how to view the world if he doesn’t get viewed the way she does. Some of the things he said about Sam was true, but that doesn’t mean she should feel sorry for her feelings. I thought it was interesting when she said that emotional trauma runs in her blood. I didn’t think that was possible, but it makes a lot of sense. We black women have to feel a sense of control over ourselves and power. Sam can be too strong and that is what can drive people out of her life because she will make that person feel unwanted and not needed.

I did like how this episode exposed Sam and Gabe’s difficult relationship. They wanted to get along and be friends, but if they didn’t talk things out it was just going to lead to more shade being thrown. I actually adore their love-hate relationship, but Sam is at a point in her life where she needs Gabe now more than ever especially since she knows what her dad is going through. Instead of being so judgemental towards each other the both of these two need to work together and make things right. When they said that they missed each other I knew that it would be possible for them to push past the pain they’ve put each other through. The kiss maybe an accident……… Or not, I think not of course. I melted when Gabe kept playing back the two saying that they missed each other. Maybe their relationship can be revived, but only time will tell.