After season four of Big Mouth, I felt the show had a renewed sense of purpose. Our main characters battled against the Depression Kitty, took on the anxiety mosquitos, and found love in unlikely places. Overall, this was one of the better seasons in Big Mouth history, as far as I am concerned.

big mouth
Source: Screen Rant

Quick Recap

While I do not want to throw too many spoilers at you all, there will be a few sprinkled in from here on out. In this season, the characters focus more on their personal relationships and young love. With the help of the Lovebugs, Nick and Jessi explore their sexualities and individuals they “like like.” However, love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Therefore, Nick and Missy find themselves dealing with Hate Worms.

This season introduced the audience to various new monsters from this realm. At the end of the season, Nick rushed into the HR department showing a bustling world we have yet to uncover. If there is anything I love more than animated shows, it is the lore behind it! Which we may learn more about in the upcoming show Human Resources. While there is no hard and fast release date today, we should hear more about it in 2022. Overall, season five showed some of the same heart that season four had and gave a slight nod to the upcoming series.

My Thoughts

At first, I thought this season of Big Mouth was overly crass and slightly dull. However, after a few episodes, it felt like the writers had found their groove. I fell for the characters yet again. While Nick seems to be going through a crisis that can be hard to follow sometimes, Andrew has found his stride. Andrew was once the creepiest kid on the show but has somehow matured beyond his years. He almost feels like a supporting character rather than a core one. Missy and Jessi also seem to be coming into their own, which we love to see. Although, I will admit having Nick meet real-life Nick was a bit too meta for me. I understand the point of the encounter, but as an audience member, it felt unnecessary. Aside from that, I found season five to be charming in its own right.