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Halloween is closing in, and parties are on the rise. There are always the old stand-bys. There are witches, fairies, doctors, and so much more that are pretty generic. I have an idea that is simple to pull off but out of the norm. Anita Blake. She is one a kick-ass woman.

Anita is a powerful necromancer, part of two triumvirates. One, she is the human servant to the king of vampires in America, and the other, she is the leader. Unfortunately, there is too much to fill you in on here. However, I do have some Anita Blake articles you can check out. She is written by Laurell K. Hamilton, who also writes the Merry Gentry series (another of my favorites).

For someone who is internally so complicated, her look is relatively simple. Anita has two usual looks. Well, three. You probably have the stuff for her everyday look in your wardrobe already. Her work look is pretty easy too. Last, she has a fighting look. If you like weapons, Anita is your girl. She is usually loaded with weapons fighting but almost always has a gun and some knives.

Her everyday look which is jeans, a tee shirt, and Nike sneakers. She likes matching her socks to her shirt. It always makes her point it out when her Nike swoosh matches her socks and shirt. In the later books, Anita favors her inner pants holster but still uses her shoulder holster. She does carry a sword at times that she has a back sheath for. Anita almost always has either her sword or wrist knives just in case the bullets aren’t working. Her bullets, sword, and knives are silver or have high silver content.

Anita’s work look is pretty straightforward too. She wears a professional skirt suit. Anita always wears her jacket that goes with this to hide the shoulder holster. Anymore she has stockings with it too. She wears a sidearm at work and had to fight with Bert about it. Her work attire isn’t her idea, either. Bert insists. Anita’s fighting gear is tactical and black, like these pants that are perfect for your costume. Everything she fights has night vision, so a little bit of camouflage helps. You have what you need for her fighting look if you are law enforcement. Anita is just loaded with weapons here. A pistol or two, a shotgun, a sword, and knives. I have even seen her with a flamethrower. Anita doesn’t play around. Anita uses all these weapons, but she is more powerful than her weapons. She doesn’t want to scare the humans.

One of Anita’s physical traits that are spoken about is her hair. It is long, thick, curly, and black, like this wig. She has pale skin for being Mexican, but that is thanks to her white heritage. Her collarbone is scarred, where a vampire bit through it that she got at the same time as the mound of scar tissue in the inner part of her elbow. On the same arm, she has cross brand now days she has slash marks from a shifter through that cross-brand. Her makeup is minimal. In the books, she usually wears red lipstick and mascara. She only wears heavy makeup when she has to attend a function with Jean Claude.

I think that is all you need to know to start cosplaying as Anita Blake. I recommend reading the books. Check out what a badass she is. If you don’t have everything in your closet, your local thrift shop should. Well, maybe not the holsters. I could be wrong, though. Let me know if you celebrate as Anita. I would love to hear about it in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!