Two of my most favorite things in this world; Halloween and Harry Potter, so why not just combine the two? I’ve been planning on having a Halloween party these past few weeks and so here are some ideas I’ve compiled for a party that’ll leave your guests screaming all night! (Get it? Because it’s Halloween, you know? Yeah bad joke, I get it)

-Pretzel Wands
Grab some pretzel sticks, dip them in chocolate and decorate to your liking, or better yet, have your guests decorate their ideal wand!

-Golden Snitch truffles
Blend together crushed up Oreos (cream and cookie) and a package of cream cheese, leave it in the fridge to chill, melt white chocolate and add yellow food coloring, turn the Oreo+cream cheese mixture into balls and dip in the white chocolate, you can use more white chocolate to draw on wings or make some out of fondant, here’s a good DIY from Cake Whiz.

-Pumpkin Pasties
Get pre-made pie crust and either make or buy pre-made pumpkin pie filling, cut the crusts into circles, fill with the pumpkin filling, cover in egg wash and poke holes in the top of the crust, put them in the oven at 350 F for 10-15 minutes and your good to go!

-Play trivia
On Pottermore they have tons of fun quizzes that are actually pretty difficult even for the most loyal of Potterheads. So get your friends together and you can get little prizes for whoever gets the most right! Follow the link below to find all of Pottermore’s best quizzes!

Watch the movies
Having a watch party is fun and also requires less effort than a bigger party, so make some Potter-themed snacks and get watching!.

Fun extras:
Photo Booths
Get large sheets of butcher paper or just white paper and you can draw different backgrounds into them, another good idea is to make an Azkaban wanted poster to take pictures with, and you can make photo props like brooms, witches hats, the Sorting Hat, and of course, your very own lightning bolt scar. You an also tie letters to string and hang them from the roof which also makes for a cute photo background!

-House-themed gift bags
Make gift bags for your guests according to their house. Buy bags according to the colors of their house; like red for Gryffindor, green for Slytherin, yellow for Hufflepuff and blue for Ravenclaw. And get silver and gold bows, because those are the houses secondary colors. Put chocolate in there that says “in case of dementor attack, open immediately!” Another good idea would be to put bath bombs in there in the color of the house, or if you want to get really fancy there are plenty of Etsy stores that stock house-themed candles, bath products, clothing, pins, you name it! I’ll attach some of those links below so you can see for yourself.

-Play Quidditch
Tape hula-hoops to sticks/poles, grab 3 different sized balls and may the best house win!

-Platform 9 3/4
If you have a brick wall put a 9 3/4 sign on it or you can just put it on a door!

-Sorting Hat cupcakes
You could make cupcakes and fill them with colored candies or colored frosting in the colors of the houses so when people bite into them it’ll decide what house they’re in!

I hope this list helps you have a great Halloween party that shows off your Harry Potter love. Halloween may still be over a month away but it’s never to early to get started planning!