Neon_Rijin has been killing the cosplay game with his intricate and detailed cosplays. Come learn more about this amazing cosplayer!

Cosplay Name: neon_raijin
Age: 29
Location: Maryland
Social Media Links: Instagram: @neon_raijin
What Got You Into Cosplay? 
I went to San Diego Comicon in 2016 for the first time and dressed up as Red-X from Teen Titans. A little kid ran up to me and was so excited about the costume that pretty much fueled my initial desire to seriously get into cosplay.
What Is Your Favorite Cosplay You’ve Done So Far? 
Even though it was my first cosplay, Ronin from Marvel comics is still my favorite cosplay.
What Are The Main Factors in Choosing a Cosplay for You?
I mainly like characters with a jaded sense of morality or have intricacies to their costume.
Current Favorite Cosplay Breakdown: Costume & Accessories
My current favorite cosplay is my Justice League Odyssey.
What Is Your Occupation Outside Of Cosplay? 
I work for the government.
Why Do YOU (personally) Continue To Cosplay? 
It’s a beautiful art form.
What Is Your Favorite Convention To Cosplay At?  
Definitely San Diego Comic-Con!
How Much Time Do You Spend On Your Cosplay Per Week/Month?
Depending on how much there is to put together with the build, it can range anywhere from 15-18 hours.
Best Cosplay Experience You’ve Had.
Definitely meeting new people at every con I go to.
Best Advice You Have For New Cosplayers. 
Always keep it fun and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.