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Jasmine talks about Constantine 1.06 – Rage of Caliban

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“I’ve never punched an angel before but you are begging for it, mate.”

I was surprised to find that this episode is the first episode, besides the pilot, which didn’t feature Zed. We know that she has a bigger part to play in the entirety of the season and I was hoping this was an episode which would show more of that but unfortunately I was wrong. It did however give us more alone time with Chas and John. Chas is increasingly become my favourite supporting character of the show, don’t get me wrong I like Zed just fine but there’s a lot of mystery to Chas and there’s so much more that hasn’t been uncovered yet especially where his regenerative powers are concerned. But more than anything it’s become clear thus far that Chas is the one that keeps John in check and reminds him of what’s actually important. This episode is a good example of that because it starts off with an incredibly hungover John, waking up in a woman’s bed and gets told to get out because her boyfriend’s coming home. For reasons we don’t entirely find out,  John seems to be a bit depressed in this episode and thwarts Chas’ attempts to get him on a case until he eventually has a bit of a go at John to stop being an idiot and get to it. They use the map to find out where the next stigmata takes them and it shows them a small town a mere two hours away from Atlanta.

When they arrive in the town, which is called Birmingham, they find out there’s been a double homicide in a family home where the only survivor is their young daughter. As John investigates the murder scene our angelic friend Manny pays him a surprise him to tell him they require a battle plan for the rising darkness but as always Manny refuses to tell John what happened at the crime scene. Another frustrating episode where Manny appears without any specific reason and then disappears without having told him anything useful at all. John then uses an occult device which allows him to see what happened at the crime scene and therefore finds out the child was possessed by the spirit of another child. John also works out that the spirit is responsible for the murders and now that they’re done it’ll be looking for a new host to possess.

To find out more about the surviving child and to find out who the spirit is, John meets up with an old friend, a woman we found whose husband John helped cross over to the other side. John figures out that maybe one of the earlier survivors would remember the name of the spirit that possessed them in order to solve this case and stop any more murder from happening. John travels to a local mental hospital to visit one of the first children to be possessed, a now elderly man going by the name Marcelo but much to John’s grief, the visit turns out to be pointless as Marcelo appears to be in an entirely unresponsive and completely vegetative state, unable to communicate at all.

Through the use of an old map and a device which uses frankincense as a sort of magical GPS John and Chas manage to work out the location of the next victim, a young boy named Henry. After a confrontation gone awry with Henry’s parents John begins to think the case might be hopeless until Henry’s mother, Claire, seeks John out to ask him for help because she knows that her son isn’t really her son and that something is wrong.

Source: Constantine // NBC

“I don’t trust myself.” 

In order to bind the spirit to one place, Henry’s mother, John and Chas decide to hold a séance to call on the spirit possessing the children. They go to the location which is the home of the first possession victim in hope to trap the spirit to the house so that it cannot keep killing. Unfortunately it doesn’t go according to plan and John tells Chas and Claire that he doesn’t trust himself anymore and I think, without doubt it has to do with the feelings of guilt left behind after the incident with Astra. This episode is a very sensitive one when it comes to just that because it has to do with young children and Astra wasn’t much older than the kids the spirit possess which John takes very personally.

When Claire and John return to the house to explain to Claire’s husband what’s been going on he doesn’t believe them but that all changes when the possessed Henry  attacks them and then escapes. John manages to eventually find him in a Halloween haunted house and finally manages to exorcise the spirit out of Henry and instead trap it in the body of Marcelo back at the mental hospital where it can’t harm anyone else and where the hospital staff will be able to better contain and control it

This episode had a very sort of “the Omen” feel to it, which isn’t at all a bad thing because the Omen happens to be one of my favourite horror films and this episode had a very classic cult-horror feel to it. It was an episode that made me jump which as a viewer indicates good writing. Any show that continually keeps surprising its fans so that they never know what to expect is a good show. There are still a couple of flaws to Constantine, such as the lack of finding out what the rising darkness is which is getting a little bit annoying but I’m willing to give it the benefit of a doubt. All the episodes so far in this season have shown different sides to John, we’ve seen him cynical, angry, arrogant, witty, compassionate and in this episode emotional and even a bit promiscuous when it comes to women and I look forward to finding out more. I hope the relationship between Zed and John will have a chance to develop and grow because it’s obvious there’s something between them and I would like to see more of it.

Overall I’m looking forward to see where this season is headed and I have a feeling we’re up for some good things in the near future.

Source: Constantine // NBC

“And what of my rotten inner child? If humanity is what can save us then overcoming the damage and weakness in my nature may be the part of this battle that I dread the most. I don’t have the answers, I only know that a darkness is rising and unless I can stop it the world will change – forever.” 

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