Well, season three has officially blown us and the rest of the fandom away. We received the long awaited appearance of Huntara and watched reality literally unfold on Etheria. Despite its meager total of six episodes, the quality was not in question as fans eagerly await more. Warning the following passages contain spoilers so be aware of this fact. We will also be analysis some aspects of the season along with fan theories.

Many know that last season we were left with a cliff hanger for both the Horde and the Rebellion. Catra had fallen out of Hordak’s favor and Shadow Weaver had arrived in Brightmoon. The spare a few details, both exchanges ended with Adora, Glimmer, Bow, Catra, and Scorpia making their way to the Crimson Wastes (a name taken from the original series). It is in the Crimson Wastes that we meet Huntara, a strong warrior who aided Adora, Glimmer, and Bow in their search for answers and we hope she will be making more appearances in the future.

The arc that took place in the Crimson Waste was a true delight for audiences so we will not be discussing this subject further. However, we will say that it was full of action and past lore regarding Mara but you will have to watch the episodes to find out more.

Scorpia has finally taken those first steps to accept Catra for who she is and this might be the beginning of the end to their relationship. Fans watched as Scorpia witnessed the decline of Catra’s morality, mentality and humanity throughout the season. When given the opportunity to live a happy life with Scorpia, Catra declined in favor of hurting the other characters with no regard to the consequences of said actions. What we suspect was the final straw was Catra’s betrayal towards Entrapta and her threat for Scorpia. We found this scene to be heartbreaking as we see a fan favorite fall to her knees, clearly contemplating her life choices.

The low light would have to be that not many characters were given a fair, relevant amount of screen time, unlike last season. Most of the engrossing scenes focused around Adora and Catra which could be a pro or con depending on your views. We felt the primary focus of this season was witnessing their lives as a sort of calm before the storm. Their relationship had finally taken a turn for the worse as Adora may be finally ready to give up on her childhood friend in favor of justice for Etheria.

Overall, the season felt short but that is expected with the demand for new releases being so fierce. The show continues to emphasize the journey between these two separate groups making their meetings so much more meaningful as we watch the developments in their character. While we had high hopes for this season, we believe next season will be even greater. Hopefully, we will finally be shown the elusive Beast Isle fans have been waiting to explore through our heroes. Scorpia may finally join the Rebellion as she chooses to save Entrapta over following Catra into her decent with the withering Hordak. There are also whispers of beloved fallen King Micah making a return from the grave as a certain scene hints at (want to know more details, comment below). Finally, there is Shadow Weaver, someone who has the fandom divided on what part she should play in the future of the series as someone ready to do the right thing but has committed so, so many unforgivable acts in the past.

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