She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 4 Review

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines petty as having secondary rank or importance, having little or no importance, or reflecting narrow interests or sympathies. So based on this, Titania qualifies as petty. Because how petty do you have to be to sue someone over their pseudonym? Extremely. And as much as Jen Walters doesn’t like it, she has to pull up and put Titania in her place.

Titania the Petty

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Ep 4-Mallory Book in the Case of Titania v She-Hulk
Source-Twitter, Disney

So, after getting off the hook for threatening a courtroom (and a parking ticket), what does Titania do? She trademarks the name “She-Hulk,” to sell her line of beauty products. Beauty products that, we might add, are not FDA-approved and are essentially snake oil.

No matter how much Jen denies it, she’s pretty upset by what Titania did to her. Who wouldn’t be? That woman is the whole reason she got dubbed She-Hulk, and now she’s profiting off of it and trying to sue her for something she never wanted. This cannot stand, and thanks to her boss, she has to countersue. So Titania v She-Hulk goes to court.

There’s only one problem: they have to prove that Jen used She-Hulk before Titania tried to trademark the name. This means she has to do something very demeaning.

Jen Needs Some Therapy

In the side-plot to last week’s episode, Jen got talked into making a dating profile as She-Hulk. Unfortunately, the resulting dates she got were from subpar men. The whole thing was a very demeaning experience, considering how her dates only cared about her being She-Hulk. Even the one guy she hit it off with was more into She-Hulk. And while their testimony’s enough to win the case, it still leaves Jen publicly embarrassed.

As I said last week, I know how Jen feels since my love life hasn’t exactly been great, either. That said, we all know that Jen can do better. Heck, her lawyer, Mallory Book, admits that she can do better and didn’t think that highly of Jen.

This is another key moment in Jen’s character arc as she grows to accept She-Hulk as part of her. There will be haters and detractors like Titania and people who only care about her for her alter-ego. And she’s going to have to deal with that. She has to learn not to let the haters get to her, like Titania. Maybe she should take some time to focus on herself.

Speaking of which…

New Threads for She-Hulk

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Ep 4-Jacobson, Designer for Superheroes
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It’s about high time that Jen gets some better threads. So, this week’s subplot sees Nikki and Pug meet with this high-class underground tailor that does costumes for superheroes. This guy, Jacobson, is this stereotypical fashionista primadonna, but he knows what he’s doing. Guess who we see him finishing an order for in the closing minutes?

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Ep 4-DAREDEVIL IS COMING!!!
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That’s right! It’s happening!

It’s been repeatedly reported that Daredevil would appear in this series, and it looks like it’s about to come true. The two most prominent lawyers in Marvel will soon join forces! If anyone can help Jen balance the life of a hero and a lawyer, then it’s Matt Murdock.

With Titania vowing that she wasn’t going to let things go with She-Hulk, the conceited diva will likely go full supervillain before the miniseries is over. When that happens, I hope she gets what she deserves. It takes a special kind of petty to steal another person’s name for marketing, and Titania is petty.

I Give “Mean, Green, and Straight Poured Into These Jeans” a 4/5