“God, everyone loves Wong. It’s like giving the show Twitter armor for a week.” those are the first words that come out of Jen Walters’ mouth in this week’s episode of She-Hulk, and they are accurate. Every time Wong shows up, fans are happy; he’s one of the MCU’s breakout characters. So, when a two-bit magician starts abusing real magic, it’s time to take this to court.

Even though Wong got in trouble for freeing Blonsky last episode.

Donny Blaze Spoiled The Sopranos for Wong!

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Ep 4-Donny Blaze
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So, Wong starts off the night in Kamar-Taj watching The Sopranos by himself. Then suddenly, this drunk woman comes in through a portal with this heart in her hand, saying this talking goat helped her escape another dimension in exchange for blood.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Ep 4-Madisynn, Wong's New Bestie
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I couldn’t make this up if I tried, people. It turns out, the culprit is a third-rate magician called Donny Blaze. Wong kicked him out of Kamar-Taj after a week for smuggling beer in, but Blaze kept his Sling Ring. Now, he’s using it for his bad magic act, and Wong isn’t having it. Especially not since said woman spoiled The Sopranos for him. Blaze must pay!

The Mystic Arts Are Not a Plaything

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Ep 4-Don't Summon Demons
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This new, while hilarious, serves as another example of how superhumans would affect the legal system. Legally, Blaze has done nothing wrong, and thus Wong and Jen don’t have a strong enough case. It also doesn’t help how casual Madisynn (that’s the woman’s name!) is about everything. Fans of Marvel, though, are aware of how dangerous magic is in the wrong hands. Worse, how dangerous it is in stupid hands.

Case in point, Donny opens a portal to Hell and unleashes a pack of Demons of his next audience. Thus, Wong and Jen are right to file a cease and desist.

I Know Jen’s Pain of Dating

Speaking of Jen, her story this week can be summed up in this one question: “Is there anything worse than dating in your 30s?”

Yes, Jen spends the episode trying to get into the dating game, only to experience something that many millennials (myself included) learned the hard way. That being dating apps and websites stink!!! The one guy she manages to get a date with as herself hits all the red flags. Thus, Jen resorts to using She-Hulk for her dating profile…and gets tons of swipes who are just as bad. Even the one guy she ends up hitting it off with is more interested in her as She-Hulk than as Jen Walters. Harsh.

As someone whose experienced the pain of never having any luck on dating apps firsthand, I feel Jen’s pain. The fact that she only gets any traction as She-Hulk is salt in the wounds. As cruel as it is, though, this is another aspect of being superhuman that she’ll have to deal with. Some people will only be interested in her for her powers rather than the real her. The sooner she learns that, the better.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Ep 4-Poor Jen
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Titania Returns

Another thing is that sometimes, one’s enemies can be incredibly petty.

Remember Titania, the woman that Jen beat up in court? She’s gotten out scott-free, and she’s getting revenge by trademarking She-Hulk. Thus, she’s suing Jen for copyright infringement.

It’s so incredibly petty to see Jen get subjected to this. While I don’t know much about law, I know that the fact that Jen never chose the name “She-Hulk” for herself means there’s not much of a case against her. If anything, her law firm would be liable due to forcing her to use it for work.

This was another fun episode of She-Hulk, which strikes a good balance between humor and drama. Especially with Wong. Everyone loves Wong! And everyone hopes that Wong can finish watching The Sopranos without getting spoiled.

She-Hulk Attorney at Law Ep 4: Donny Blaze Gets Punished
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I Give “Is This Not Real Magic?” A 3.8/5

She-Hulk Attorney at Law Ep 4: Madisynn, With 2 'Ns', one 'Y', But Not Where You Think Coming Soon
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