American Horror Story returns this fall with a brand new season, titled 1984. A trailer has been released and yep… we have questions.

If you’ve been out of the loop on American Horror Story, then you aren’t alone. The show has been facing tough critics since Hotel, but since Roanoke it’s seemed to lose its footing altogether. Roanoke, Cult, and Apocalypse were so disjointed I had to wonder whether anyone at FX was actually watching the show or if they were just letting Ryan Murphy run free. He’s a genius, yes, but not without his flaws. Personally, I found Roanoke to be such a major let-down that I didn’t even bother with Cult until long after it had ended, and the promise of returning favorites in Apocalypse made me more skeptical than excited.

But alas, here I am again intrigued by an American Horror Story trailer, and in true fashion, it asks a lot more questions than it answers.

So… 1984? What’s this all about?

By the looks of it (by “it” I mean this extremely short teaser), this season will pay tribute to the great slasher films of the 80s. A couple notable ones from 1984 are Friday the 13thA Nightmare on Elm Street, and Children of the Corn. 


Friday the 13th poster. Source: Paramount.

But of course, a slasher story would be far too simple for our man Murphy. No, this is likely going to have some kind of huge twist, so let’s speculate…

“1984” may also refer to the famous science-fiction novel by the same name from author George Orwell. In the book (written in the 40s), the future is bleak and dismal place where the government controls everything and everyone, and surveillance is inescapable (“Big Brother is watching!”). So perhaps this season will take place not in the past, but in the future, and maybe the slasher the characters are running from are government goons?

Ok, probably not, but still I find it a bold choice to give the season that iconic title.

The teaser trailer also features a haunting tune from Billie Eillish fresh off her new album, so not exactly a call to the 80s (but creepy nonetheless).

As far as the cast goes, it’s been confirmed that Emma Roberts will be returning, and her boyfriend will be played by series newcomer and Olympic gold medal winner Gus Kenworthy. It’s expected that Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will also return, but no confirmation yet.

That’s about all that we know about 1984 so far, and honestly… it’s enough to get me hooked again.

Tell Us: Are you still an AHS fan? Will you be back to watch 1984? What do you think it will be about?