Our article is not only for fans of online games but also lovers of movies in a cozy theater atmosphere or a soft chair at home. Films created based on the games attract the attention of a busy and compelling plot. This type of gambling entertainment can be found at loginer.casino with minimum deposit. And so, let’s look at some variations of cinematography based on online games.

Mortal Kombat

There are 2 Mortal Kombat movies – the first caused controversy, and the second one created a furor. The movie is based on a martial arts video game.

So that the audience, not related to the story of the video game, could enjoy the movie, the Mortal Kombat team created a new character. It will guide you through the script and tell you about the heroes and villains of the film.

Lewis Tan is the actor responsible for bringing Cole Young to life. It is about an underground mixed martial arts fighter trying to make money for his daughter and wife. However, he soon discovers that he is part of an ancient fighter clan and has a mission – to save the world.


Uncharted correctly combines all the traits of a good adventure film. It’s entertaining and moving, its locations have a lot of variety, and the characters have charisma. It combines action and humor in just the right measure, and there are spectacular moments with ancient ruins.

As in the game, the main character hasn’t seen his older brother, who escaped from the orphanage in a long time. Living the simple life of a restaurant worker, Nathan makes a part-time job stealing and wants more. So here comes the opportunity to search for the treasure of Magellan, where traces of his brother’s disappearance are also hidden.


Agent 47 is the film’s hero, an adaptation of one of the favorite computer games of recent years. The picture tells the story of a professional shooter whose most potent weapon is his aggressive nature and determination in his actions.

Agent 47 is ambushed, and Interpol and the Russian army pursue the shooter across Eastern Europe. The film contains a lot of spectacular scenes, action, and other components of a fascinating picture.

Assassin’s Creed

This movie caused a double opinion among fans of the cinema. Especially the impatient ones, since the first part of the film was not a top blockbuster. The first scenes seem tedious, confusing, and significantly extended. The connections to antiquity are minimal, and on this ground, there are doubts about the integrity of the whole picture.

The film allows you to dig into the memories of your parents using modern technology. The hero Callum Lynch literally relives all the wanderings of his ancestor Aguilar. The story takes you to 15th century Spain, where the main character discovers his family’s ties to a mysterious community of assassins fighting the equally powerful Templar order.

Fortunately, the second part is filmed more modernly and aroused great interest and interest in the viewer. You get the impression that a hypnotist is working nearby, and you can’t take your eyes off his amulet. Even for a viewer who never followed the games, the movie will be exciting and will be remembered for a long time.


One of the most beloved video game sagas in history is Sonic. Fans of modern entertainment cannot forget the famous blue hedgehog from the game of the same name. However, there is no doubt that he has changed in terms of plot compared to the video game.

The bright movie based on the game is dynamic, spectacular in terms of graphics, and interesting for audiences of all ages. Sonic the Hedgehog is from another planet. He is forced to hide because of the incredible abilities that allow him to run with great speed, as well as his unusual blue coloring. In this new adventure, the urchin must travel to our world to save his own. However, he will not be on his own mission, as he will be helped by his human friend Tom Wachowski. With him, Sonic will try to escape from the government and the nefarious Dr. Ivo Robonic.

In conclusion

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