Get ready y’all for this Sunday, January 15th, to watch the premiere of HBO’s TV series, The Last of Us. I can remember playing the game as if it was just yesterday, and I can only hope that HBO’s adaptation of this spectacular game does it justice. I have confidence that it will be seeing as Neil Druckmann was included in the show’s production, so I trust that he ensured the essence of his beautiful masterpiece was maintained intact. With Pedro Pascal playing Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, this will be an interesting duo to see a return on the screen side by side, seeing as they have both been on Game of Thrones before but never seen like this. Pedro Pascal has already shown us the “lone ranger” who grows attached to his young sideling from his performance in The Mandolorian and Bella Ramsey’s fearless and strong character as Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones. She showed that despite her small stature, it did not stand in her way of fighting for her people, and she ended up taking down a goliath of an opponent. It still gives me chills to think of her fierce performance! With these elements and potential Pedro and Bella have shown to portray in their characters, they will now play people who have lost everything and everyone they have ever known and loved, regardless of the age and time. Their stand in the apocalypse will only strengthen the bond they form as they travel across the country to save the remaining last of humankind.

When I first heard the southern accent in Pedro Pascal’s voice from the trailers, it immediately caught my attention, seeing as at the beginning of the outbreak, Joel and his daughter Sarah are trying to escape from the chaos that has been unleashed, we catch a glimpse of a road sign indicating they are from Austin, TX. Therefore, if they were able to implement these small details from the game, I trust that we would be given a great performance. Furthermore, given the visuals seen in the trailers, the perspectives you find in the game are all present, leaving fellow gamers anxiously waiting for the release, and non-gamers will get the chance to be immersed into the world we have played through.

The choice of actors they have on the cast for the series is an amazing crew. Many of them have shown their astounding abilities to bring forth emotion and life into the characters they play. We will see Ana Torv as Tess, who I loved seeing play FBI agent Olivia Dunham in Fringe, a great sci-fi show. Gabriel Luna will be Tommy, Joel’s brother who has also portrayed Robbie Reyes in Marvel’s series Agents of Shield. Last but not least, Nick Offerman will be making an appearance as Bill, who better than Ron Swanson to play a guy like Bill? These roles are matched so perfectly for the characters, and seeing them come to life is almost too good to be true. But it’s here, and be prepared to be entertained!

I love how they also kept the composer Gustavo Santaolalla for the production. His music just deepened my love for this game and kept me fully immersed as I moved through the world. I would even sleep to the soundtrack after I finished the game because I didn’t want it to be over. Even now, I can still hear that beautiful tune. Whenever I learned about the TV series production around this time last year, the video games seemed almost like a distant memory. To be able to relive the experience of watching and simply enjoying the story from a game deemed Game of the Year twice with its Part 2 sequel.

As a player who has experienced the game, it was already pretty much like a movie. All of the cinematics and the overall experience were so immersive. The visuals and the music worked so well that now seeing it come to the big screen, I feel like a kid again stuck to the TV pulling all-nighters during Christmas break to finish playing the game. Judging from all the hype I have heard and seen from the trailers has excited me for this Sunday. As for the audience who has not played the game, I look forward to sharing the enjoyment of this work of art and welcoming you to the world of The Last of Us.