Source: REKA | Official Steam Page

Reka is an atmospheric base-building game set in 19th-century rural Europe. Based mostly on Slavic folklore, players take the role of an apprentice. However, being the apprentice to no other than Baba Yaga herself.

Start your life as a witch and travel Central Europe’s nature with your cottage. Roam forests and swamps, collect plants, craft magical supplies for villagers and customize your ever-growing home. In your chicken-legged cottage, travel and live your life as a herb witch.

Your duties involve harvesting herbs, foraging for additional resources, and helping those you find along the way of your travels. Use your knowledge of witchcraft to make great potions – and new furniture for your (literal) travel home!

Other Features Include:

  • A witch’s cottage base-building system allowing you to construct your very own home.
  • Furnishing it your own way with hundreds of furniture and decorative items.
  • Complete freedom over how the house is decorated.
  • Freedom to explore the surrounding landscape.

Reka does not currently have a release date but will be available for purchase from Steam and can be wish-listed. You can check out the trailer for this game below:

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