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To The Rescue! is a management simulator where the player runs their own dog shelter. You take care of the dogs while trying to find them their forever homes. Every dog is unique, and so will be the people that come to the shelter. However, caring for all of these dogs isn’t a walk in the park, and sometimes, tough decisions will have to be made.

Another perk of this game is that by purchasing it, you are also helping charities. 20% of all profits from the game is donated to the PetFinder Foundation, meaning that players are supporting real dog shelters by managing their own virtual one.

Take Care of Dogs

A crucial part of working in a shelter is caring for the dogs. Every dog is unique, meaning players will never get the same dog twice. They have their own traits, food preferences, personalities, names and more. With over 28 different breeds, players will never know what dog will arrive next. As the owner of the shelter, players will have to match the right dog to the right adopter.

Additionally, players will have to care for the dogs with the right food, water and shelter for each pup. They also need to be kept clean and happy for the chance to be adopted, as well as played with through minigames. And, of course, you can pet the dog.

Manage the Shelter

The budget is real and will limit what players can do. Finances come through donations and adoptions, so these are crucial to make sure that everything can run smoothly – despite any unexpected expenses players may face. Each day is different, and while players may be budgeting for something or making plans, something else can pop up and throw any plans off course. However, the shelter is adaptable and manageable, and players have complete control over the growth and how it grows.

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Impact the Community

Like real shelters, it’s the community that impacts how the shelter does. Find fosters for homes when the shelter gets too full, host events for donations and to educate the masses. The most important thing is for the shelter to be seen in a positive light, so the community will want to support your endeavors.

Harsh Responsibilities

Again, like real shelters, there are tough decisions to be made. Dogs can get diseases, shelters can be overrun, and not every dog is immediately adoptable. Though the game is mostly positive, it doesn’t shy away from the grim realities that many shelters have to face. However, for those that really don’t want to play with that, there is the option to opt out of certain mechanics.

To The Rescue! is already available on PC and Nintendo Switch. The official website can be found here. If you’re interested in the game, check out the trailer below: