Boy, you think you know someone!

We get a taste of the evil that David could be here, and it’s shocking, but something about what we see here, and something that Melanie shows Syd (after pulling her down a desert drain… this show is weird), is that it’s something that we’ve seen before. Not necessarily in action, but in intent. The fact that David is crazy, makes him dangerous, especially in his mental state. Here though, not only do we see David be evil, but we see a glimpse of what David would look like if he keeps going down this path. I like that, I like the idea that this story isn’t a superhero origin story, but a supervillain origin story. The uncertain future, where David may become the destroyer of the universe, and become Legion, makes me excited for what will happen in season 3.

Let’s back up, Syd gets pulled into a drain, with Melanie in the bottom, but it doesn’t quite feel right. It doesn’t feel like the Melanie we know. At this point, she has obviously been influenced by the Shadow King and is trying to spread that influence! What she shows is a series of contextless shots (except one, but we’ll get to that) of David in compromising positions. I understand being in a point of distress, but it would take more that what was shown to get me to distrust David. Good points are made, but without lines connecting them, it doesn’t quite work… except for the torture.

David finds Oliver in the Monastery, and after being apart from Syd, he doesn’t care about the body anymore, he just wants to know where Syd is… by any means necessary. David threatens to torture and Oliver to find out where Syd is, and Oliver says something interesting.

“How can you kill me? I’m apart of you!”

Now, that line deserves a bit of deconstruction. Now, this could be the Shadow King, which seems to be the obvious answer, and he’s saying this because once you’ve had Shadow King inside you, he never really leaves you. He’s always going to be apart of David, because he has basically shaped David into who he is today. But later in the episode, we find out Shadow King proper is actually in (Spoiler) Melanie, so when Oliver says, “I’m apart of you”, it could just be “We’ve both felt the influence of the Shadow King, so we are one in the same.” But what if it means that Oliver just an entity in David’s head, we get a flash of David for a second in Oliver’s shoes. So… we can’t trust anything we see in this season as real, as all of this might be a delusion, so… did all of this not happen? Is David still inside the ball? That wouldn’t be interesting, but this show makes every detail have purpose, so if this is all inside David’s head, what kind of repercussions will this have in the outside world… you know, basically being a God and all.

Anyway, back to torture! David takes Oliver into the astral plane and begins to use a drill and apply it into all of Oliver’s limbs, and this is what Syd sees. It’s really disturbing to watch, and especially when you are watching David’s face as he’s yelling “TELL ME WHERE SHE IS! TELL ME!” Syd watching this is also heartbreaking. She can’t believe that he could be this cruel, even if it’s for her. Eventually Oliver tell David that “She’s with Farouk” while he almost leaves him for dead, telling us that Melanie embodies the Shadow King.

Else where, Lenny gets her package out of a burning car and immediately sees a bunch of people meditating, with their heads in safes, kind of like a “Evil Within” but somehow lighter in tone. She pulls out a comically big sniper rifle out of a tiny box and asks the Safe Men where a girl can find a monastery.

Kerry and Cary meet up with some soldiers, and find the Safes, sans body, all leading toward the drain. The bodies show up however, coming out of the drain, and take out all the soldiers with sonic bolas. Everyone but Kerry, who takes them out in an awesome action scene (where she pulls a stick out of nowhere, but that doesn’t bother me one bit). Kerry gets a little help at the end of the day by Lenny, but not before one of them drags Cary into the drain. Kerry and Lenny get a nice, small scene together, and kind of makes me wish there was more of them! Here’s hoping for more in the next season.

In the Pit, Cary’s captor gets eaten by the minotaur (super real, not just a metaphor) crawling up on the ceiling, and Cary gets away. Kerry, on the other hand, in the pit, finds the destruction that the Minotaur has left behind, and finds Syd, as she tells Kerry that they have to stop David, because “he’s the monster now… maybe he always was!” But then the Minotaur arrives and starts fighting them, but unfortunately, we won’t find the results of the fight until next week.

We have bigger things to worry about now, like the fact that Farouk has won. He found his body and is ready to do terrible things now. But in his victory, we see David again, flashed where Farouk should be. What this means, I’m not sure. All we know for now, is that we have an apocalypse driven titan, and an angry, unstable mental time bomb (Which is which may change from second to second). A season three is already confirmed, but in a show like this, it’s possible for the world to end next episode. It’s very interesting to not know what’s going to happen next, it could be a happy ending, or with the power of these mutants, everything could end with a snap!