"Younger" Ep. 510 (Airs 8/14/18)

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Last week’s Younger tried and basically succeeded at throwing the problems with Liza’s secret relationship in her face. BECAUSE WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS & shit was bound to hit the fan in Charles & Liza’s relationship. Also Caitlin makes an appearance & Dianna slays as per usual.

Staten Island

Dianna heads to Enzo’s Ma’s house for dinner one night to meet his family. Ma asks her to bring a dish, so she gets Liza to ask Maggie to make her famous lasagna (it makes grown adults cry).

Ma tastes this Lasagna, decides that Dianna didn’t make it, and wants to test her further. She takes a page out of Annette Castellano’s book (RIP The Mindy Project) & has Dianna murder a bunch of eels with a hammer.

Then she plates up the eel spaghetti and garnishes it with cheese, which is apparently the CARDINAL SIN! Ma freaks out hardcore, and goes OFF on Dianna. Calling her too old, not Italian, and not good enough for Enzo. Not to be outdone, Queen Trout barks right back at the matriarch, telling her that she drives everyone in her son’s life away and that’s why he will remain single forever.

Of course, Enzo doesn’t stand up to his mom, but when Dianna leaves he follows her to the ferry, telling her he’s going to move out and get his own place in Manhattan.

"Younger" Ep. 510 (Airs 8/14/18)

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I love Laura Benanti but I do not love her character or her book. She starts out with Liza & Kelsey working on the content and the layout of her novel. Charles walks in to see how it’s going and welcome her to the company, and she takes this as a sign that she can ask about his “deal.”

Since Kelsey knows to keep Liza+Charles a secret, she pivots in the other direction and says Charles is super single.

Then they both end up at the same conference in Sun Valley, where she posts aaaaaaaaaall about it on her Instagram story. We learn at the end of the episode that she wasn’t actually flirting with Charles but instead with the idea of investing in Empirical.

"Younger" Ep. 510 (Airs 8/14/18)

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Josh has remodelled Inkburg and he finally has his grand re-opening party. He invites Liza (duh) and Caitlin (why). Liza is super shocked to see her daughter there but even more shocked to find that her daughter is DATING her (ex)PROFESSOR.

Josh makes this amazing adorable speech at the party, thanking Liza for inspiring him, because he’s amazing and he loves her but she does not deserve him. She’s touched but with Charles – though he doesn’t know that yet.

Liza is also distracted by her daughter’s relationship, so she agrees to have brunch with them & Josh the following day. Over bottomless Bloody Mary’s, she learns that he WAS her english professor, but they ended their academic relationship to allow their romantic one to thrive (gross). Obviously Vassar is not cool with students dating faculty, so they have to keep it a secret on campus.

Liza wants to tell her Daughter that she deserves better, but because she’s doing the exact same thing…I personally think it’s a very different thing, mostly because the smaller age gap leads to less of a power dynamic, but *shrug*


Maggie’s Loft

The climax of this episode happens at home. Caitlin knocks on the door, crying, because he dumb boyfriend asked her to leave the wedding they were at together. A faculty member was also there and loser Litt prof didn’t want to run the risk of getting caught.


Honestly I thought Caitlin already knew about the job, the lie, all of it. But apparently she thought Liza was a task rabbit this whole time, which like ps, how detached is she from her mom’s life wow. She thinks they’re joking at first and doesn’t totally get it, but they tell her the whole story.

After the catharsis of that, Liza tells Charles to call her when he’s ready to love her out in the open and not hide her anymore. BOOM BITCH.

"Younger" Ep. 510 (Airs 8/14/18)

Courtesy of TVLand

We accept the love we think we deserve, and the Miller women finally know they’re worth more than being girls on the side

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