If not, it certainly won’t be for a lack of trying.

More than two months after the finale aired, and nearly a month after NBC canceled the Time Traveling drama, Timeless fans are showing the world that they’re not ready to give up.

Fans have been trending and campaigning for two months in an effort to get the attention of any network or streaming service to pick up Timeless, a show about three (sometimes four) people who travel through time trying to save the world from a shadowy cabal called Rittenhouse. Fans have gone so far as writing their own season three (here) in an effort to keep their beloved show alive.

Now, on what is arguably the biggest weekend in Nerdom, Timeless has been dominating the conversation without actually being there. The cancelled show and #SaveTimeless have been trending all the San Diego Comic-Con lists, and fans even went so far as to raise funds for TWO “Heliclockters” to fly over the convention for three hours on Saturday. And the efforts have been noticed by fans, the cast, and creators alike.

Actor Malcolm Barrett, whose fan favorite character Rufus **spoiler alert** dies in a cliff-hanger finale, even showed up to hang with some of the Clockblockers who have worked tirelessly to show networks and the world that Timeless not only has a following, but a passionate one willing to spend.

Image Courtesy fo Twitter user @Josh_Aguirre

The banner flew overhead for three hours and included a second helicopter for photos and live streaming (which you can check out here) while fans had fun editing on Twitter:

No word yet on if there is any movement on a new season (or a two hour movie to wrap up the story, as was recently proposed) at NBC or with a new home, but one thing the cast, writers, and crew can agree on is this: They have some of the best and most passionate fans out there.