The Simpsons have provided us with some absolute gems over the years. Counting them all would be incredibly difficult. However, thanks to the internet we can enjoy some of them collectively in unique ways.

Case in point: ‘Steamed Hams’, officially known as ‘Skinner and the Superintendent’ from classic season seven episode “22 Short Films About Springfield”. Here’s the original:

Late in 2017 some reddit users started discussing their favourite scenes and ‘Steamed Hams’ came up. Everyone instantly started praising it and what followed was a wave of variations on the scene. Here are some of the best ones:




and lastly, my personal favourite

There are a few others like ‘Steamed Hams But its Ace Attorney’, ‘Steamed Hams But its Hotline Miami’ and ‘Steamed Hams But its Nier Automata’ and many more.

Bill Oakley, one of The Simpsons’ writers and the one wrote the scene, even chimed in by releasing the original first draft. Since then the parodies have tapered off but there’s enough material to get lost in. Thank you internet.