These shows are not listed in any particular order, and I tried my hardest to stay with shows that are currently still on air today. However, there are a few older shows that are no longer airing new episodes, but they’re still available for streaming!


A group of people are standing in an old room. There's a group of people who are supposed to be ghosts standing off to a side. A couple looks a little scared as they look around the room.
Image Source: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Ghosts is a remake of a British sitcom by the same name. It stars Rose McIver, Samantha, and Utkarsh Ambudka, Jay,  who play a couple that have inherited an old mansion that is full of ghosts. They originally plan to convert it into a bed and breakfast before figuring out that there’s a group of spirits who call it their home instead. The writers of the show, Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, have worked on The Office, New Girl, and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist in their past. Rose McIver’s past works include iZombie (2015-2019), The Lovely Bones (2009), and more. Utkarsh Ambudka’s past works include Free Guy (2021), Dropout (2022), along with others.

Ghosts is currently streaming on Paramount+. It will be back for season 2 on Thursdays at 9p.m. on CBS. The premiere date for season 2 has not been announced yet.

The Haunting of Hill House

Haunting of Hill House comes from the mind of Mike Flanagan, and it’s definitely one of the scariest shows on this list. It’s a ten episode series that is very loosely based on the book of the same name. The show jumps between present day stories of five siblings and their childhood memories that led to them leaving hill house as well (if you’ve ever watched This Is Us, the timeline is kind of set up like that). The cast includes stars who have been seen in You, Hush, E.T., The Invisible Man, San Andreas, The Age of Adaline, and more. It received 10 wins, 36 nominations, and it is one of Netflix’s best reviewed shows of all time. 

Haunting of Hill House is streaming on Netflix. There is only one season, but another similar show called Haunting at Bly Manor is available to watch.

Nancy Drew

Nancy is in a dark, bluish-purple lit room with a flashlight. She looks timid and scared of something.
Image Source: Robert Falconer/The CW

Nancy Drew is considered a mystery drama television series, but there’s plenty of ghosts to go around too. The show follows an 18 year old amateur detective and her friends as they work to solve mysteries in Horseshoe Bay. The show stars Kennedy McMann, Alex Saxon, Leah Lewis, Maddison Jiazani, Scott Wolf, Tunji Kasim, Riley Smith, and more. While it’s certainly not the scariest show on this list, it’s still a good watch.

Nancy Drew is currently streaming on HBO Max and The CW. It will return for new episodes in Winter 2023 on the CW.

Shining Vale

A family is using in a kitchen. The mom is standing at the counter holding a dog.
Image Source: Starz

Shining Vale is a new series about a family moving into a house where horrible things have happened in the past. The wife was caught cheating on her husband, and they’re trying to rebuild their family. At first, only the wife feels things, but before long, the rest of the family is aware of the paranormal activity as well. The series stars Courtney Cox, Gus Birney, Greg Kinnear, and more.

Shining Vale is currently streaming on Hulu and Starz. It premieres at 10:15p.m. on Sundays on Starz.

American Horror Stories

A woman holds a totem which is in clear view. The woman's face is blurry, and she looks a little scared.
Image Source: FX on Hulu

American Horror Stories is a spin-off of its parent show American Horror Story. Each episode contains a new plot with mostly a new cast. This show is another one that’s not entirely paranormal, but it still has its moments. It’s created by Ryan Murphy who has been behind shows like 9-1-1, American Horror Story, American Crime Story, Ratched, Scream Queens, and Glee. Stars have included Sierra McCormick, Madison Bailey, Aaron Tveit, Paris Jackson, Matt Bomer, Kaia Gerber, Ronen Rubenstein, and more.

American Horror Stories is streaming on Hulu. It returns for a second season on July 21st, 2022 on FX. 

Twin Peaks

A group of people stand in jackets looking like a mixture of sad and perplexed.
Image Source: ABC

Twin Peaks is not an exclusively paranormal show, but there is a fair amount of run-ins with paranormal entities. The plot is based on an FBI agent and a sheriff investigating a murder of a homecoming queen. The show is often considered one of the best shows of all time, even though it only ran for a short period of time (1990-1991) before being rebooted in 2017 for one more season. There was also a film for the series. 

Twin Peaks is streaming on Showtime.


A girl is wondering through the woods with her arms wrapped around herself. There's fog behind her.
Image Source: Netflix

Haunted is a documentary style horror show that premiered in 2018. Each character shares an experience about being “haunted” as the viewer is shown a visual of the event. It’s one of the more actually scary shows on this list, and it definitely seems like it’s worth the watch. The executive producers on the show are Brett-Patrick Jenkins, Howard T. Owens, Jordan Roberts, and Ben Silverman.

Haunted is currently streaming on Netflix. A new season will be released on May 12th, 2023.

The Dead Files

A guy is recording as he and a woman seem to be slowly making their way up the stairs.
Image Source: The Travel Channel

The Dead Files is about a homicide detective, Steve, and a paranormal psychic, Ally, combining their strengths to solve cases throughout the show. They investigate the case separately and then come to a conclusion together. There are currently 14 seasons of the show, and it’s only rated TV-PG. 

The Dead Files is streaming on Hulu, Discovery Plus, The Roku Channel, Youtube TV, and Amazon Prime. It will be back for a new season in Fall 2022 on The Travel Channel.

Two Sentence Horror Stories

A guy stands studying something with a woman standing behind him looking nervous about something. The woman is out of focus.
Image Source: Stage 13/The CW

Two Sentence Horror Stories is a horror television series where each new episode is based on a two sentence horror story. It was originally going to be five short films, but the CW decided to turn it into a television series. Stars have included Jim Parrack, Nicole Yang, Aleyse Shannon, Lauri Hendler, and more. 

There are three seasons currently streaming on The CW and Netflix. The show has not been renewed or canceled for a fourth season.


Three people are performing what looks to be a seance.
Image Source: CBS

Evil is a television series created by Robert and Michelle King. It’s about a forensic psychologist, a Catholic seminarian, and a technology contractor that investigate paranormal/supernatural events. The series has been nominated for over 25 awards, and it’s been running since 2019.

Evil is streaming on Vudu or Paramount+. A new season just premiered on Paramount+ on June 12th.