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Here it is, folks, the screenplay front cover for the upcoming Joker 2. Scott Silver and Todd Phillips were convinced by Warner Bros. (the seven-figure check did not bounce) to return and write a sequel to the shockingly biggest box office R-rated film of all time. Before the production of the first movie, Todd Phillips had to convince Warner Bros. to even give him a reasonable budget. Now, Warner Bros. is probably telling The Hangover director, “Spare no expense.”

When I first heard Todd Phillips began writing the screenplay for Joker 2, I wanted to maintain the same low expectations as I held for the first film. But, of course, with the talent Todd Phillips is finally showing off to film buffs around the world, he and his writing partner Scott Silver had to put the term: Folie à deux. So I looked up its meaning and said to myself, “Great, Phillips shows his genius once again when no one is really looking.”

Here’s the definition of Folie à deux: an identical or similar mental disorder affecting two or more individuals, usually the members of a close familyAfter reading this on Google, I immediately thought of the Eriksson Twins and the shared psychosis they suffered in England back in 2008 after living separately for years. Folie à deux is such a rare condition. There are apparently only 20 recorded instances of it occurring in history.

Source: Copyright: Warner Bros. Pictures

Since the term is being used in the title for the Joker sequel, and the conditions can affect spouses as much as siblings, many have speculated that Harley Quinn probably will make her entrance to Todd Phillips’ alternate DC Universe. Since last we left Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, he was dancing in Arkham State Hospital and then chased down by orderlies after killing his therapist.

I think, possibly, since Arthur Fleck/Joker thought that his father was Thomas Wayne, there might be a somewhat brotherly connection between Joker and Batman. If the caped crusader was to appear in Joker: Folie à deux, being the mental condition can affect two siblings.

So, put on a happy face, cross your fingers, and hope Todd Phillips earns an Academy Award this time.