Morgan and the baby are at a new location and Morgan is trying hard to find baby food. He ends up at a big manor and inside is a female who asks what he is looking for, which Morgan replies food, and she says she doesn’t have anything. Morgan doesn’t want any problems and he leaves but a pack of hooded men are at the door to knock him out. The group think that he has been stealing kids, so they dug a pit by the water and burying him to his neck so he would drown when the tide came in.

Morgan is in the hole with a hood on and he hears a commotion, and someone is close to the baby. It turns out that Madison has made her return, and tells Morgan that she will be better off with her, and he will get over it. She did, so Madison shoots at Morgan to escape, has the baby and radio’s to someone to meet at the drop point. The others are late, processing more “eggs” which is what they call kids now. Madison hears some chatter bout another lead, so she leaves the baby in the “birdcage” for pickup as she goes to investigate the new lead. The show is making it a point to show that Madison needs oxygen, and often.

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Morgan was the one who tricked Madison to get the upper hand on her. He corners her, takes her gun and oxygen and tells her to start talking. She tells him she is the least of his worries, that the others will kill him in all sorts of ways. Madison tells Morgan that she isn’t stealing kids, but saving them, she takes him to the drop point and they are to late. Morgan looks at some books that has all sorts of documentation of something and he makes the connection that she is working with PADRE. He asks her about it and she seems shocked that he knows about PADRE. The two end up fighting, and during the tussle Morgan sees that she has tattoos on her wrists, one says Alicia and the other says Nick. He realizes that she is Madison Clarke, she doesn’t believe that he knows her until he starts talking about the stadium. He says he will tell everything he knows for his daughter, she tells him the only way they might do that if they get a baby to go in her place.

So Morgan says he knows someone who is pregnant and they are going to go and recruit her. The two play mental tennis trying to get information from each other but not being successful, the two talk to the lady, and she easily is convinced to go with them, which does seem a bit weird. She takes a little time to gather her gear, and still seems very eager to leave without questions. Madison notices the group of people she fought earlier to get Morgan’s baby is after her. The other girl leads them to a backway out of the house and she gets hurt, so they go to hide in the crypt. The other girl isn’t actually pregnant, she did it to lure out Madison, she did it because Madison took her daughter before.

In the crypt, Morgan realizes that his trade is off the table for baby Mo, and the girl is shocked that she was up for a trade. She knew that her granddaddy wanted to be buried with his shot gun and she gets it to get them at gunpoint. The girl wants to hurt Madison and tells her she will never know where her kids are, but Morgan says they are already gone. He explains when and where Nick died, and what happened to Alicia last, that he didn’t see her go down but it’s likely that she died looking for PADRE. She understandably breaks down, the posse after awhile finally find them in the crypt. The posse was full of people who had kids taken by her. The posse takes Madison to the shore so they could bury her so she can die when the tide comes in. The posse says she didn’t tell them much but she had a book titled PADRE in her backpack and it says when the others are going to come back and where. So they plan to rush them when they get to the beach and wants Morgan to join up.

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Morgan refuses, and the girl from the manor steps up for him and tells the others to just let Morgan go, the others stole all of their kids why are they fighting each other. It doesn’t take long for the posse to wash up on shore, as walkers, and head towards the buried in the sand Madison. All of the PADRE people disposed of the hooded posse easily. Morgan makes it back in time to save Madison’s dumb ass and kills the first wave of walkers, he goes to get the tank of oxygen as the second wave washes up. Morgan struggles with the girl walker and Madison is able to get her ax hammer weapon and she disposes of the rest and saves Morgan, and she gets that oxygen immediately.

Morgan decides that to get his daughter back he has to infiltrate PADRE, he does this with information, saying rafts are coming in soon, with people they want, kids and pregnant women. Morgan wants to know where they are going, and Madison tells him she was meaning to tell him, she doesn’t know. As they always blind fold her to and from the drop point.