Steven Moffat, Sue Virtue (Moffat’s wife & Sherlock producer), and Mark Gatiss Source: BBC News

Last week it was announced that the masterminds behind the world’s most streamed show and the world’s favorite BBC TV character are teaming up yet again to adapt another famous 20th century literature name — Dracula. Mark Gatiss & Steven Moffat, who together wrote the entire Sherlock series, announced that their new project will likely air in 2019, but there have so far been no episodes written or roles cast. They stated that the Dracula adaptation will follow Sherlock’s famous 3 episode structure (with a grueling amount of time between each new season). We don’t know much about what the show will look like (apart from the incredible cinematography and visual effects of course), but it’s a safe assumption that the duo will bring the famous Victorian vampire up to 21st century speed, as they did with Sherlock Holmes. Moffat also wrote a lesser known television adaptation of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde which took place in modern times as well. Updating the time period is par for the course with these two.

But what does this all mean for the future of Sherlock? That question has been up in the air since the finale of season 4, after which there was a huge uproar from fans and critics alike at the frankly bizarre and uncharacteristic season that after a huge promotional campaign came as a massive disappointment (you can read my open essay to the Sherlock creators about season 4 here). Moffat & Gatiss have claimed again and again that they have made no conclusive decision about a fifth season, and that the schedules of show stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have been just too difficult to work with and they feel they left Sherlock in a good place at the end of season 4.

Well, the fandom could not disagree more. The demand for Sherlock season 5 comes not just because we love the show and want to see more (which obviously we do), but because season 4 was such a mess on narrative level that we need season 5 to come in and clear it up.

But either way, it seems Sherlock is taking a back seat for now as Moffat & Gatiss focus their attention on their new Dracula adaptation. As for me personally, I’ll definetely be watching their new show, because despite the downfall of Sherlock 4, I still recognize the genius television creators these two are. I’m pretty excited to see what they come up with for a Dracula adaptation, and it should be interesting because whereas Sherlock was the hero of his series, Dracula is the villain. My heart still lies with Sherlock, and I’m still keeping my eyes wide open for any signs of season 5 or special or something, but a new show could be fun too.

Or maybe it’s not a new show at all… maybe it’s a cover for Sherlock 5… (haha just kidding — but I wouldn’t put it past them).