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We open to a block party at the Griffin’s. Peter, of course, makes it weird. I suppose Peter and Spotify did it when it aired a penis pill ad after Peter pointed out the commercials were personalized to him. To make matters worse, Peter got a “discreet” package from the UPS driver. Stewie uses the slip and slide and gets beat up a little.

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After the block party, Stewie has blood in his shorts. He thinks he is getting his period—Oy vey. Now the guys are at the Clam, and the guys are feeling their age. Quagmire is down because his real estate agent died. Mayor Wild West tells them they need to do stuff outside, so they decide to go out to his ranch.

Mayor West gives them all hats after explaining to them they aren’t on vacation and will be working. He also describes how the hat is to be used and that it isn’t a fashion statement. It is an oath. Back at home, Stewie is laid up on the couch with Rupert, still under the impression he is having his period. He has chocolates and menstrual relief pills. He is very crabby, though. Plus, he comes up with some pretty good euphemisms such as “waking up to a Red Dawn” and “call off the Hunt For Red October because we found it.” After Brian tries to explain to Stewie that boys don’t get periods, Stewie goes on a rant, and Brian agrees with him about having a period. I hope he tells Lois Stewie is bleeding.

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Wild West sets to make Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe into real cowboys. At the horse/cowboy dance, none of the horses picked Peter to be his horse. It was a lovely ’80s school dance in a barn scenario. Poor Peter. His feelings seem so hurt. To make himself feel better, he gets into some cowpies. Wild West says Peter is off to a bad start. I agree. They go on a cattle drive, and Wild West says the guys need to bring the cattle home on their own. Again, Peter doesn’t get chosen. Poor Peter.

Stewie is all done bleeding and is confused. He looks up more info on periods. Rupert “suggested” 4chan and Stewie said no. I really think, for as bright as Stewie is, there is a screw loose. Now he thinks he is pregnant. Out on the cattle run, the guys are bedding down for the night only to be woken by a bear. All the guys beside Cleveland manage to hide and give the bear a dummy version of them. Cleveland’s dummy is riding a horse to safety. All I can do is shake my head.

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Does Stewie keep the baby, or does Brian get through to him? Brian is damn near a saint in my head. He puts up with that whole family. They are so screwy. Do the guys get to be full-fledged cowboys? It’s a scary thought. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!