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Family Guy Season 20 Episode 18 Girlfriend, Eh?

If you missed my last review, you can find it here.

We open to Chris getting home from camp by taxi. Oh geez. The camp was Camp Angry Indians. Then during Chris’s stay, it was Camp Redface and then Camp Washington Football Team. The writers are absolutely incorrigible. But hey! Chris got a girlfriend!

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Stewie and Doug are going at it again. Now Stewie wants to get in shape and ends up putting a hole in the wall after a treadmill accident. The accident gave Peter the opportunity to make a stud finding joke. Then, to make your eyes roll again, Chris decides to give Peter relationship advice. The advice wasn’t bad. Just, you know how it is when someone who knows very little about a subject chooses to give you advice. Then goes on chaturbate to find his girlfriend?

Peter complains to the guys at the Clam about Chris. The boys point out Chris could be lying about the whole girlfriend thing. They point out possible “evidence” for suspicion. The funniest part was Quagmire and Cleveland getting into a fight over Bud Lite. Back at home, the handyman arrives to fix the hole in Stewie’s wall. He is one sexy cartoon, and Lois is drooling. After a few poorly veiled sex innuendoes, Lois has blast-off.

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Peter calls Chris out about the girlfriend thing. They are going to Canada to meet Chris’s girlfriend. Jamie the Handyman is doing work while the guys are gone, and Meg and Lois are fighting over him. Lois got a great outfit on for a minute. Peter thinks that Chris is going to confess on the way to Canada, so he quizzes him on how to do things with girls.

Oh my God. This episode was funny as hell. Thankfully, I am happily taken. So I don’t have to worry about all this stuff. Would you do this crap with your kids? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week, have fun storming the castle!

Source Seat42F

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