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So this week is the return of Cinderella, leading to a lot of self-doubt for Emma. While over here, I was just wondering when any of the stuff with Cinderella actually happened and if I’m actually expected to remember things that happened in the show several years ago. I’m sure the main plot of Cinders trying to help her Stepsister and Emma being all doubting but trying to overcome it and believe in herself was very interesting. But in my usual fashion, the return of very minor characters past is far more interesting to me. And thus Dr Jekyll moving into Dr Frankenstein’s lab is far more exciting. They could be the Once Upon A Time answer to Science Bros!

  • Previously. The Queen isn’t dead
  • I have no memory of any of the Cinderella stuff
  • What the hell, Hyde?
  • How does he know everything?
  • Cinderella runs daycare. This is… probably someone I should remember
  • Hook is totally adorable with kids!
  • Damn Wicked Stepmother and Stepsisters
  • Ella don’t show them your dress!!
  • It’s a good thing the mice know what they’re doing
  • Okay maybe they don’t. Gus wants Ella to go to the land of untold stories
  • Dopey is getting his Masters? In what?
  • Emma is… jealous of people having a future?
  • And scared that she can’t give Hook a future? NAWWWWWW
  • Archie is damn awesome
  • Evil Stepsister is in town and Mr Cinders’ gun is missing
  • You’ve magicked up her shoe? Really?
  • Regina don’t be mean to Jekyll!
  • As soon as Regina tries to think like the Evil Queen she knows her plan
  • “Defeat and Repeat”
  • Yay Snow! Go be a teacher!
  • Yes, Rumple is your fairy godmother
  • “It’s free cheese. Go. Have fun”
  • Snow and Ella finally meeting!
  • “You think he could be charming?” “Oh that name’s taken”
  • Ella and her Prince are totally adorable
  • “Would it be too bold if I asked your name?” “I thought you liked mystery” “Then a mystery is shall be. The girl with the glass slippers” SERIOUSLY
  • Wicked, wicked Stepmother
  • David!! Don’t go to Gold for help!
  • I still don’t understand how everything vanishes except for the glass slippers
  • Gus, quit it with the key!
  • Nawwww! Stepsister and the Footman!
  • I really hope her Stepsister I’ve forgotten the name of is being serious
  • Ashley what the hell?
  • Clarinda?
  • Ashley? What happened?
  • Regina and Zelena are arguing again…
  • Evil Queen needs to go away. And stop with the logic.
  • And now Henry has three mothers?
  • I really don’t like this
  • I really like the relationship between David and Belle
  • At least Henry was paying attention
  • Punch the Wicked Stepmother?
  • Oh Ella… you’re an idiot to think she’d give you back the shoe
  • Yes. Yes it is all your fault
  • It’s a good thing Snow can track people
  • And talk to mice
  • Thomas just proposes on the spot. No trying on shoes necessary
  • Ella fix this thing
  • Or…. just make everything worse
  • So because of Ella, Clarinda got dragged away from her love
  • Stupid Ella. All for a shoe she DIDN’T NEED
  • Of course the Evil Queen is working with the Wicked Stepmother
  • Ella fix this thing! Do not hurt Clarinda and Jacob
  • Or… you know, you could just get stabbed instead
  • Emma!! You can do it! Just believe!!
  • Is that the whole… she’s supposed to die swapping lives stuff?
  • They all get a second chance at happy?
  • Jekyll and Frankenstein working together? I LOVE IT
  • EEEEEEEEE!! Captain Swan <3 <3
  • What happened to David’s dad? Murdered?
  • Oh yeah, I forgot Snow and David had another kid
  • He’s not going to burn it, is he
  • I think I’ve just fallen in love with Gold again
  • And Hyde is free. This is going to go SO well

And next week we have more Jekyll and Hyde backstory! And hopefully more of Emma and Hook being TOTALLY ADORABLE!

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