With the addition of characters from the Land of Untold Stories, we’re moving further away from the fairy tale and Disney aspects that Once Upon A Time has stuck to for several seasons and is starting to mix in things from other literature and stories. I must admit that going into this, I didn’t know much about the Count of Monte Cristo, though I did know enough to figure out who he was before his name was revealed.

And we get more of the Evil Queen. Without the Regina part of her, she’s just a pure evil character, not someone who it is easy to relate to. While Regina has retained the complexity of her character development all the way through, so far the Evil Queen just seems very flat.

As usual, below are first reactions to watching the episode:

  1. “I agreed to a drink, not a private graveyard tour”
  2. Damn evil queen!
  3. Zelena please don’t listen to her
  4. Go Regina!!
  5. Hook and Belle go off to find somewhere for her to stay while Emma goes to see Archie
  6. Mysterious new person
  7. The Count of Monte Cristo?
  8. Evil Queen going to the Count for help with revenge
  9. Aaaaah. Yeah this isn’t going to go well
  10. Emma confides in Archie about her visions
  11. “If I don’t help people then who am I”
  12. “Do you really want to hear about every time I tried to kill you?” “Yes!”
  13. Snow and Charming… hired their own assassin?
  14. This is not going to go well
  15. And of course there’s a barrier around the town. There’s always something
  16. Nawww Hook!
  17. Oh dear. Zelena! Tell her the truth!!
  18. Rumple why are you sniffing people?
  19. Gold and the Evil Queen. This isn’t going to go well is it….
  20. Creepy
  21. The Count doesn’t kill innocents
  22. Regina and the Evil Queen meet each other for the first time
  23. Of course she has his heart
  24. Edmond really doesn’t want to hurt them!
  25. Rumple you’re… awful
  26. Rumple!!
  27. So that’s why Edmond goes to the Land of Untold Stories. To save Charlotte
  28. Regina!!
  29. Oh. Oh baby
  30. Regina don’t listen to the Evil Queen!
  31. That’s the coin the Queen took from Gold?
  32. David don’t listen to her!
  33. Dammit Zelena! Don’t listen to the Queen!
  34. No one should listen to the Queen!

So all in all… no one should ever listen to the Evil Queen. I could have told them that several seasons ago.