As the actor who plays Jesus has previously let the secret out of the bag, we are 18 months in the future from the close of Season 8. Alexandria is rebuilding quite nicely, crops are springing up, the building that Carl used to sit on is being rebuilt. We see that the Sanctuary is able to make gas from corn, Daryl appears to be the person in power at Sanctuary. The communities appear to all be working together, and have set up safe routes as we see a large spray painted ‘Route A’ on a sign above Tara.

A lot of people from every settlement, Sanctuary, Kingdom, Alexandria, and even Oceanside, though it does appear that Daryl is the only one from Sanctuary, Daryl utilizes his motorcycle, surprise surprise, while others use horses and a wagon.

We have a new intro trailer and it was extremely awesome like a video game. After the break we learn that Ann told everyone that seeds were at this museum location in Washington. She used to be a teacher and took the kids to a field trip here before. She knew that they kept seeds of all sorts of crops here that turned out to be like some sort of doomsday catalog. The team also took a number of others items to bring home, a wagon, plow and canoe, but not before almost losing Ezekiel to walkers through a glass floor. The glass floor got penetrated originally by a falling walker and got worse as everyone was moving the heavy items over the floor. Ezekiel had rope around him and luckily was able to hold out of the walkers reach and everyone else was able to lift him back to safety.


Carol and Ezekiel kiss. Wait WHAT? Carol and Ezekiel kiss? Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Back on the way back, back to I’m not even sure honestly Ezekiel asks Carol to marry him while on horseback. Carol tells him to put that thing away and not ask hahaha. Ezekiel says he loves her and will hold it for a later time. The bridge they were going to cross is out, and Route A is to close to the herd. Gabriel heads back to Alexandria, while everyone else is going to Sanctuary or Hilltop. The new wagon is getting stuck to much in the mud so they are going to try to cycle out the horses while they pack back up the wagon. One of the horses is startled by a walker and moves the wagon forward causing the plow to break. The herd is close as Daryl and Michonne go to stop some walkers while the rest try to get the wagon out, with time running out they let the horses loose and start to retreat, one horse still had a strap and Ken ran back to save the horse. He cuts the rope as he is bit, the horse bucks and kicks him in the chest. Siddiq, and Maggie try to save Ken while others fight off the walkers. Ken doesn’t survive.

At Hilltop Maggie goes to talk to Ken’s parents. Obviously the parents were sad and upset, specially since the Saviors get all the things. They are upset that Ken died when he didn’t have to and it was for supplies just for the Saviors. They voted for Maggie but they are not friends, she is not invited to the funeral for Ken. Gregory was at the funeral and was a speaker at the funeral, he did have a very nice speech shockingly. After the proceedings Gregory goes to the parents house with some alcohol, the wife drinks herself to sleep while the husband stays up, Gregory offers to stay and talk to him if he wants. Gregory makes a plea to convince the husband that Maggie needs to go.

Another group arrives at the Sanctuary, Daryl is asked to give a speech on what items they got from a recent run. Daryl says he doesn’t give speeches like him, and apologizes because it’s a bad time they lost someone out there. On one of the walls is “SAVIORS SAVE US! WE ARE STILL NEGAN”. Michonne is shocked and asks how often this is happening, Eugene and Daryl don’t seem shocked by it at all and says it’s been happening a lot lately. Daryl asks Justin to clean it and he asks with what, they just used up all the paint. Daryl says figure it out. The Sanctuary can’t grow any sort of food, because you know it’s a factory! Daryl tells Rick he knows why Negan needed people to provide for him because they can’t themselves. He said he doesn’t want to lead anymore and everyone is everywhere, and it’s not the same like at first the small group of people who could have done anything.

At night Carol and Daryl are talking, Carol says she wants to run the Sanctuary for awhile for Daryl. Carol tells Daryl that Ezekiel asked him to marry her, he was shocked but wanted to know why she said no. He told her that if anyone deserves to be happy it is her. Rick and Michonne find a place at the Sanctuary and are talking if they should have just killed Negan in the first place, and if they should start making arrangements between the colonies on how they will treat each other.

At the Hilltop Maggie is taking Hershel for a walk. Gregory talks idle chit chat with Maggie, asking if it was a long day, at the end he throws out that when burying Ken that they noticed that Glenn’s grave was defiled, he didn’t want to say anything but it was probably a kid who didn’t know and they can check it out tomorrow. Naturally Maggie goes to look and is attacked from behind. She fights back and Enid hears the noise and comes to help, Enid is knocked to the side and hits her head on a concrete bench, likely a concussion. Others come to help and get the man hostage, Maggie goes and takes the hood off and it is Ken’s father! Maggie goes to find Gregory and he tries to play dumb, asking what happened, Maggie essentially tells Gregory that is he a snake. Gregory tries to tell Maggie that he built this place. Maggie says Gregory can’t lead this place, he can’t even set up a murder correctly, he tries to finish the job but Maggie is able to get the upper hand with a knife to his throat.

In the morning, Carol settles in at Sanctuary to run things for awhile, as Jerry takes Ezekiel back to the Kingdom. At the Hilltop Rick and Maggie talk, Rick sees Hershel and says he is perfect, and Judith asks about Aunt Maggie all the time and wants to know if she will come visit now that she is going on runs and that Hershel is getting older. Maggie says she can’t come to Alexandria and he knows why, Maggie wants to talk about anything other than that. So Rick says that he needs a favor, with the bridge out he needs the Hilltop to help and stretch again with food and supplies for the Sanctuary. Maggie says she is tired of giving them things, they spared their lives but don’t owe them anything. She is willing to give them food but she will need the Sanctuary to put up the man power on the bridge repairs and wants all of the fuel from the dead corn. Maggie tells Rick he that he promised to follow her after the war, but he didn’t because she wasn’t someone worth following. But the time is now, it will be dark soon and time to put the children to bed.

At night Maggie says she doesn’t want to do this, but at the Hilltop the punishment has to fit the crime. Gregory is on a horse with a noose around his neck! Some kids come out right as Maggie tells Daryl to do it, Michonne notices and yells for it to stop but it’s to late. The kids see Gregory hanging, the parents get the kids back to bed, Maggie says this is not the start of something and she doesn’t want to do it again but she made this decision. She asks for Gregory to be cut down and he does as episode ends.