If you missed my DC parents article, you can find it here.

I am back again, but this time with Marvel superhero and villain parents. I have never really thought a whole lot about parents within the comics’ universes. I mean, with Batman and Superman, they were central to their character arcs. Within Marvel, I have thought even less about it. To be fair, I didn’t know much about comics before my husband. We have had numerous discussions to help reduce my confusion. Some of these surprised me. Hulk had kids?! What? I will tell you about this shortly, so let’s see what I found.

Hulk: You know how Thor found Hulk on Skaar in Thor: Ragnarok? It is kinda right. In the comics, Hulk spent a number of years on it as Hulk. Bruce was just shoved in a corner somewhere. During this time, Hulk married Caiera, who is the planet Skaar’s queen. They had two sons, Hiro-Kala, who is dead, and Skaar.

Deadpool: Can you see Deadpool as a parent? With Carmelita, who was a one-night-stand, he had Ellie Camacho. Unfortunately, Carmelita died, and Emily Preston, who is a SHIELD agent, took over raising Ellie. In an AU, Deadpool had a wife, Shiklah, and they had a daughter, Warda.

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Quicksilver: Quicksilver didn’t seem to be able to have kids in the two movies that had him. In both Avengers and X-Men: Days Of Future Past, his time was cut short, whether by being shot or not getting enough screen time. In the comics, however, he had a child, Luna Maximoff, with Crystal, who is Inhuman royalty. I learned a neat thing in writing this article: both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are children of the mutant Magneto. Yet another villain parent. I am really glad the Maximoff twins fight/fought on the side of good.

Wolverine: I don’t know who her mother is, but Logan’s daughter is Laura, aka X-23. She takes up the Wolverine mantle when her dad dies. Logan has another child, Draken, who is evil. I also do not know who his mother is either.

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Odin: In Marvel, Odin had Thor with Frigga. This is very different from actual Norse mythology. Odin is also the adoptive father of Loki in Marvel. Again very different. Also, in Marvel, Hel is Odin’s daughter. In mythology, she is Loki’s daughter.

Loki: To continue with the whole Norse theme, Loki also had a child. No Goddesses would have him, so Loki turned to mortal women. With a human woman, whose name is unknown to me, he had Vali Halfling, aka Agamemnon. Why a Greek name for a Norse descendant?

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Thanos: The big baddie of the Avengers movies, Thanos has had many adopted children. I mean, he has destroyed many worlds, so he has had his pick. In the MCU, Gamora and Nebula are his adopted daughters. According to comics, he had Thane with a member of the Inhumans (they are popular in this article, aren’t they?). Thane eventually takes his place but is much kinder about it. Does that make a difference?

Carnage: We have a twofer again here. Carnage, who is the “son” of Venom, gave “birth” to Toxin. Carnage tried to kill Toxin before he was born but was saved by his grandfather Venom. Toxic bonded with a police officer, Patrick Milligan. Because unlike his father and grandfather, who bonded with horrible people, Toxin bonded to a good guy making him a good guy.

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Sabretooth: With Mystique, Sabretooth had a son, Graydon Creed. Graydon is a human without mutant powers. I am guessing that because both Mystique and Sabretooth are busy doing villain stuff and have no use for a human, he was given away to be adopted. I know he was adopted. I was speculating as to why. Graydon found out he is the product of two mutants and decided to form Friends of Humanity. It is an anti-mutant club.

Bonus: Graydon has a half-sibling from his mother, Mystique. Nightcrawler is Mystique’s son.

Some of these truly surprised me. I think Hulk and Carnage were the most unexpected to me. Why anyone would have sex with someone as hairy as Sabretooth is beyond me. I had a permanent eye roll going with Odin and Loki. I know about Norse mythology, so it is annoying to see it pulled apart and restructured. I have an argument brewing there, but that is an article for another day. Did I miss any parents you thought I should feature? Or did I miss a child of the ones I wrote about? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!