Comics are a synthesis of verbal and visual means of expression.

Comics can be printed on the whole page, or on its part. In the comic, lines, surfaces, shapes, colors, contrasts, perspectives and transitions are important. All of the listed means of expression affect the perception of the previous and next pages. And all of them are created so that the reader can plunge into an exciting story, stop worrying about your studies and take a break from the daily routine.

Everybody should relax from time to time, especially when you are a college student. Essays and assignments deadlines can make you feel overwhelmed, that’s why you need to learn how to balance your studies, hobbies and personal life. If you need to save your free time for comics reading, you can pay to have essay written in order to stay on track with your deadlines and lessen the burden a bit. There is also no need to spend your time looking for the next comics to read online because we have already prepared a list of best comic books to help you relax after exams.


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Being part of the traditional Marvel universe, the Punisher has always risked becoming a typical action hero for kids with tons of cool gadgets. But when Marvel, with the help of writer Garth Ennis, finally released the Punisher MAX series, the latex costume and stupid secondary characters gave way to a destructive arsenal and cynical bordering on the sociopathic attitude to the rest and it became one of the best comic book series. 


In this series, the very aged Frank Castle lives in the real world, where there are no superheroes, and traffickers and drug lords act as villains. Over 60 issues, the punisher has made his way through countless criminals. His personal crime war crippled his psyche and left no chance for a normal life.

Ennis made an incredibly deep character who until this moment was nothing more than a walking and talking cliche. And although this series is considered part of the superhero genre, it is rather a bloody thriller.


Comics do not have to indulge in the desires of the majority. In the 80s, teenagers hid such comics under a mattress away from their parents. Now, when companies began experimenting with different genres, making their works more mature, the best comic series gradually began to attract the attention of a larger audience. Ultimately, in certain circles, they are now perceived as good modern literature. And the book that initiated this jerk was Sandman by Neil Gaiman.

Focusing on Morpheus, the god-like lord of dreams, Sandman introduces the reader to a complex narrative of heroes, both divine and vulnerable. Read this comics and relax with this story: Left alone with his brothers and sisters (Death, Madness, Destruction, Despair and Desire), Sleep (the nickname of Morpheus) travels in different dimensions and time periods, he explores the perception of reality by man.

Gaiman is sure that there are no two identical stories. One could happen to Shakespeare, while the other, in the very heart of hell. With its literary allusions and rhythmic poetry, Sandman was different from everything the comic book industry has seen or will ever see. This great art was created by a man who turned the entire comic book industry.


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Since the 80s, it is difficult to find the same fruitful author as Alan Moore. While he did not make a name for himself with such original works as V for Vendetta and Guardians, he also put his hand to the main DC superhero series such as Superman, Green Arrow, and Vigilante. He worked on Batman, but nonetheless radically changed not only Batman and the Joker but the entire industry as a whole.

In a Murderous Joke, Moore explored the relationship between Batman and his most famous foe, the Joker, in such a way as to make it clear what almost every interpretation of the relationship between the two characters represents. It is as interesting enough to be analyzed as a literary work. If you also got this idea check critical analysis essay examples, so you learn how to write it. The plot unfolds quite simply: the Joker escapes from Arkham’s psychiatric hospital and kidnaps Commissioner Gordon in order to trap Batman in an abandoned amusement park. So once you found someone, whom you can pay for college essays read it and forget about your problems.

In the process of developing the plot, the Joker commits perhaps the most terrible crime of all that we saw in the comic before: he shoots Gordon’s daughter, Barabara, also known as Batgirl, in the stomach and she is completely paralyzed from the waist down. While telling the story, Moore lightly seasoned it with a story about the formation of the Joker, to give us an understanding of how an adequate, at first glance, a person can turn into a serial killer-psychopath.

Moore balances the craving for Joker’s outrages with Batman’s cool and logical approach to law and order. But when his crimes become more terrible, even the dark knight inclines to give vent to his anger. This story constantly puts pressure on a sore spot, until it first becomes an abrasion, then an abscess, and then turns into an open wound.

It is equivalent to the seven parts of the Dark Knight, and I doubt that we will ever see the same psychologically deep story about Batman as this one.