Truth be told I love lifting weights and strength training, so this was one of my favorite workouts. The Darebee workouts are body weight plans, though I added 20lb dumbbells to this workout to get more work, since I was only going to do one round. The hardest exercises were the pike shoulder press, triceps extensions and the leg holds. hulkI do not think I got the correct pike position for the shoulder press. This may have been because of the softness and height of the couch I was using for my feet. Even at the angle the was at I still felt a burn in my shoulders. If I had done another set I would have most likely substituted this exercise with a dumbbell overhead press or an Arnold press. The difficulty of the leg holds, again may have been due to the height of the chairs. The triceps extensions are just plain HARD. I actually could not find a video of it on Darbee’s Exercise Library on YouTube, but here is a link (Triceps) to my favorite YouTube fitness trainer showing how to do it and the science behind why and how it works.

This was a fantastic workout and one I will be adding to my rotation when I am unable to get to the gym.