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We open to everyone walking into a church for a wedding for Alana Fitzgerald. That was only for a second though. Stewie is narrating. Lois is giving a piano lesson to Alana, and Chris is being a creep. Alana’s hair changes, at the wedding she had red hair and at the lesson she had brown. I wonder why.

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Lois is still giving Alana piano lessons five years after she graduated high school. Alana wants to apply to Julliard but can’t afford the $1,200 application fee. So Lois decides to move her in and pay her to work around the house so she can save for Julliard.

Stewie is doing a decent job narrating this. Alana is acting a bit sinister. Then she tries to seduce Peter. When Lois talks to Brian to vent, he offers to speak with Alana and feel her out. Alana works her magic on Brian too.

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Trying to get Alana out of her house Lois gives her the money she needs for the application. But, unfortunately, Alana wants Lois dead instead. Very obsessed. The episode has been my least favorite of all recently. I really didn’t like it because it was boring.

How do you think the hit went on, Lois? Did you like this episode? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle.